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humblewarfare's Avatar humblewarfare 02:00 PM 12-17-2012
Which model would you advise for a first 3D TV? I cant seem to find many reviews on the LM4600, but the CM565 seems to have positive feedback.
It's going to replace a 32" 720p and will be used with HD Homerun Prime and WMC.

I'd appreciate any feedback on these two models.

73shark's Avatar 73shark 11:12 AM 12-24-2012
I'd be interested in the same info.The list on the 4600 is less than the 565 yet it's LED which I presumed was more expensive since the DCR is much better. Reviews I've seen on both seem to be positive but no comparison info. Still searching on the net.
bigjoejgde's Avatar bigjoejgde 08:37 PM 12-25-2012
Here's the thread for the CM565: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1415688/official-lg-xxcm565-owners-thread-2012-model ..I have the CM565 and it's way better than the TOSHIBA LED 3D tv it replaced in my home.
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