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AndreHD 12-31-2012 12:24 AM

Are you familiar with the BBC's collection of wildlife/prehistoric DVDs? I have a collection of them from when I had my DVD player-32" CRT set up. About...30 smile.gif...about 500 hours smile.gif. They're dated 2003, 2005, etc...from BBC, PBS, NatGeo, etc.

Now that I have a 3D blu ray-55" LED, I dug up all those DVDs to be rewatched on the 55". The BBC's aren't translating well smile.gif. Walking With Dinosaurs looks really bad. Ancient Americas slightly better. They have a grainy, cloudy look to them.

Is it just that these older U.K. made discs just weren't meant for this set up? Let down, because a lot of these discs have stunning scenery and scenes that would look great rewatching it on the new set. I've got another non-3D blue ray and a standard def DVD player, made it comes out clearer on one of those?

IanD 03-19-2013 09:02 AM

I think it is more to do with the quality of the deinterlacer and scaler being used: TVs don't necessarily have the best processing for that.

The Oppo players and the Toshiba XA2 HD-DVD player were supposed to be very good at upscaling SD material, so perhaps if you have a better player connected to the TV it might help.

Those UK discs will also be 576i50, which doesn't work too well on most USA 60Hz TVs without standards conversion artifacts.

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