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HowlinWolf's Avatar HowlinWolf 12:29 AM 01-11-2013
So are there any affordable passive 3D projectors on the market? Any at CES that will hopefully be for sale someday?

Don Landis's Avatar Don Landis 12:54 AM 01-11-2013
Sorry to report I could not find anything worth mentioning about. Passive projector systems are possible ( dual projectors) but none that work conveniently and compatible with standard screens. Today, the buzz is 4K + 3D. Panels in 55", 65", and 84" will be on the market soon along with different content sources. Most of the major TV manufacturers are ready to go on these.

LG was the only 3D passive projector out 2 years ago and it required a very special screen that was curved. The system cost $21k. All the rest were experimental stuff that have been absent from the show this year.

I looked at Sony's 4K 3D active projector the VPL 1000ES on a 171" screen. It is very expensive too. This has been on the market and probably the first 4K system that was sold here. They showed this last year at CES.
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