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I agree... the design is sleek and modern. I like the speaker divets especially!!!

Only problem is that, as of right now, Sony refuses to understand how much more profitable it would be to update existing 240hz 3D Bravia's to utlize 'Simulview'. They make no sense making it specific to a particular model as that GROSLLY limits enhanced sales indexing. If they were to get their act together and update the existing Bravia's (as hinted when they announced the Playstation 3D Display at the E3 show... if you still can find the entire press conference watch it again CAREFULLY and be VERY displeased they are lagging on this one, as if every one should be able to go and buy an 84 inch $25,000 Smart TV or should be happy having to watch a TINY 24" version when they might have a 46 or larger Bravia sitting on their Entertainment center already.

Then, take into account that ALL OVER (not just this forum), others are proving this IS NOT something that only those two units can do but is capable on pretty much ANY 240 hz active shutter set... to include Sony Bravias. But Sony, in their ever growing ineptness, choose to miss out on increased sales of their newer, USB rechargable glasses and create more reasons to why LG might just be a better choice as they dont seem to resrtcit their consumers like SNE.

Basically, if Sony doesnt throw in an update to allow other existing 240hz 3D Bravia EDID's to be authorized for Simulview IR output (this is the only thing stopping many from using the Sony spectacles and force us to buy more expensive NON-SONY ones) Im done with their idiocracy all together. I personally think Sony is the top as far as the hardware itself and the picture it displays, but LG and Mitsubishi are acceptable 'downgrades' if they show proper customer loyalty practices.

If anyone values good customer relations and existing consumer satisfaction as important qualities of a company they might be spending thousands of dolars to invest in a product; Id boycott ANY Sony devices til they get back to doing things the way they should be. This current approach that ONLY benefits new sales is unacceptable, as my purchase wasnt to long ago to begin with yet they want me to spend another 2-3 grand while I just spent that in good faith they wouldnt just give me the finger!!!

Even if I had the money to go out and purchase a $25,000 Bravia, they have destroyed almost any faith I had left in them. Iv dealt with irresponsible customer service (taking 6 freakn months to fix my TV and requireing me to BLANKET fax every Sony # I could find), COMPLETLY improper shipping that was tried to be blamed on me, to waiting for the Simulview update to happen that probably never will... IV JUST HAD ENOUGH and anyone else should be able to see the same.
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Saw the 84" one in Nebraska Furniture Mart tonight. Car or TV? Which one would you purchase? Looked nice but way, WAY overpriced.
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Originally Posted by jmbreci View Post

Saw the 84" one in Nebraska Furniture Mart tonight. Car or TV? Which one would you purchase? Looked nice but way, WAY overpriced.
The one made by anyone but Sony at this point in Sony's supposed 'dedication' to customer service. As a product owner on their suport forum, I can tell you they have more people complaining about their regular customer service than should EVER be allowed by a company without COMPLETLY revamping their existing service.
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From HDGURU on March 22:

Joining Sony’s 84-inch UHD TV ($25 K retail) in May will be the 55-inch XBR-55X900A at $4999 and the 65-inch XBR-65X900A at $6999 (source: CE Daily, an industry trade publication). Both UHDTVs feature 3840 x 2160 resolution, Sony’s 4K X-Reality PRO upconversion, two 65-watt speakers, dynamic LED edge lighting and Triluminous color.

Unlike the 84-inch UHD LCD which is made by LG, the new smaller 4K screens will be sourced by AU Optronics a Taiwanese LCD panel maker. These panels will also feature 3D.

The 55 and 65-inch models like Sony’s 2K W900A series models will be using QD Visions Quantum Dot technology. These televisions will incorporate blue LEDs instead of the common white ones found within all other current LCD LCD HDTVs. The blue light passes through a guide coated with Quantum Dots material that creates red and green light along with allowing the blue light to pass through. In front of LCD panel (behind the cover glass) are red, blue and green filters similar to ones seen on all other LED LCD flat panels. The result, a wider color gamut, meaning the display is capable of redder reds and greener greens. Of course, some of these colors are beyond the HDTV color standard, meaning the TV will use algorithms to create colors not found within the content.
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Before you jump into paying big bucks for 4k, be sure to view the AVS Forum show with Scott Wilkinson interviewing 4K expert Joe Kane. Joe says it's way too early and that certain aspects have not standardized. For instance, HDMI 1.4 will not pass the 4K signal and 2.0 is only on the drawing board. It would take 4 HDMI 1.4 cables into the set to pass the entire signal. Also consumer 4K is not commercial 4K. Consumer 4K is smaller and there are downrezing problems. No 4K Blu-Rays exist unless it would be 5 layer!. Be sure to watch that episode!
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