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05-27-2013 | Posts: 7
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I am new in here, and really impressed from this forum!
( I really sorry if there are any mistakes in my English..its not perfect...)
but to the issue:
I want to buy an Excellent TV especially for 3D viewing with a friends, I want the best 3D experience!!
I saw lot of reviews about 3D TV'S.
For 1080p FullHD display:
I was very impressed from Sony's HX950 and Sony's W905a reviews.
but there is a little problem...
The 4K TV's...
I saw the reviews about the 4K 3D, how good easy and comfortable the 3D is..
and I really dont know what to do..
buy the best 3D TV of the old 1080p tech, or one of the first of the new expensive 4k tech?
or wait for a curved 3d led's....
Till now, I have 4000$.
It wasn't so easy to earn the money, but I did it...
so with this money, what should I do?
wait for the new x9 4k of sony, and then the oldest 4k tv will become cheaper, or buy an active 3d 1080p with crosstalk?
I really need help!
(right now I have very small lcd in my room and I want a huge upgrade!)
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05-28-2013 | Posts: 678
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For the best 3d performance DLP is the best but only the discontinued Mitsubishi RPTV are still available up to 96" if you have the room for them. Unless you can make a projector work in your room I would go with a plasma TV for active 3D. If you want an LCD then passive would be the best choice if you sit far enough away from the TV for the resolution not to be a problem. LCD is just to slow for good 3D performance in an active set (all though they are getting better). The same goes with LCD and LCOS projectors. I think 4k is still way out of your price range and still to new with little content to use their full resolution, give them 5 years to come up to speed. Panasonic ST,VT,ZT and Samsung 8500 are said to be the best in the plasma world some in your price range
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05-31-2013 | Posts: 7
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Ok, so the 4k Tv's, not for me right now.
the question is,what should I buy, one of the great LG's passive 3D, or an active 3D tv of Sony or Panasonic?
I have to say, that I want to watch long 3D movies with excellent 3d resolution, and very good 2d picture, so of course LG's passive 3d tv its good,
but, as I heard, some of active 3D tv's of 2013 are very comfortable and with little crosstalk, and of course with full HD3D,
So maybe long movies will not be a problem after all....
What should I do?
I will be happy to hear your opinion.
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06-05-2013 | Posts: 9
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The best 2D I have seen is with the Plasma (personal preference.) I have yet to see colors or gaming look better (mainly due to its amazing refresh rate and response time.) For 3D I am a fan of the passive technology though. There aren't as many passive sets as there are active. If you're going only for 3D then go passive, but if most of what you're doing is in 2D then I would take a look at the Panasonic Plasmas. I heard their ST60 series are the bang for the buck...
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06-05-2013 | Posts: 3,267
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Originally Posted by Sherongan View Post

Till now, I have 4000$.
It wasn't so easy to earn the money, but I did it...
so with this money, what should I do?
wait for the new x9 4k of sony, and then the oldest 4k tv will become cheaper, or buy an active 3d 1080p with crosstalk?
My suggestion: get a Panasonic st60 plasma active display and save the rest of the $4000 for 2-3 years from now. I'm on my third 3d set, and my new 60" st60 is easily the best, for only $1500. I see aliasing only in dark scenes with small bright areas. This set has gotten excellent reviews for its 2d picture quality, though not such good reviews for its 3d performance. A few years from now, we can hope the 4k sets will be better values for 3d.
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08-29-2014 | Posts: 5
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Ok, So now it is 2014, and WHAT is the best TV for 3D NOW? $ks are coming down, but most are 120 HZ which means action movies will not be as good in a 55inch as my old Toshiba ( crt ? ) dvd, cd combo tv. I have over 2000.00 to spend but when I see all the reviews n it seems Plasma is the way to go. Yet LG's reviews as well as Panasonics have sooooo many complaints online about sets going out aget a year or so , sometimes less. I alsmost feel as if I should buy a cheap tv and get ris of it when it dies rather than spend a forune and be slammed in the face. I was going for the Samsung HU 8550 but then in hearing some things I thought well maybe since its 120 hz I should go with the H8000. Then I thought about the LG UB9500 240 hz 4K 3D but heard that LG is not that reliable anymore. Also the web browser and apps were awful. I do not care( about web browsing really as I have a computer) but with streaming shows I might. I tried reviews everywhere on the net. Cnet, Amazon, here, all over. BUT if you read up on the consumer complaints sights, you want to run & hide because the C.S for Samsung , LG, & Sony are hideous. EVEN the extended warrentys with the electronic stores are awful. One person said that they do not even replace anything... but parts and you wait forever!. Even on fairly new tvs. It almost seems like you are better off going to Costco or BJ's. or Sams Club ! I have heard of SQUARE Trade too, but do not know much about it except EBAY uses it as does Costco. Any thoughts on what sort of good 3D for movies ? I have been obsessed with trying to get a tv but its not like the old days, where C.S is there if your set dies. Thanks
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08-30-2014 | Posts: 104
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Costco can be a great place to buy a TV.

Check out all the 3D glasses to see what is most comfortable.
Be sure to try Active glasses out before you buy a active TV set , some people are affected by the flicker in the glasses.
Passive glasses have no flicker but the 3D can have a lower resolution, so see if you notice this before you buy a passive set. If you get a 4k set this should not be a problem.

If 3D is Very important to you , buy the biggest screen size you can afford. I have bought 3 TV's in the last 4 years & screen size is Very, Very important for the 3D effect. More than half the movies come with a Aspect ratio: 2.39:1 - 2.40:1, this means black bars on top & bottom that cut the viewing area even smaller.
I would keep saving until I could get a 65" + TV.

No TV is perfect right now for 3D , (although it's way better than 4 years ago) , you will probably have to settle on HZ, resolution, internet, screen size and price.

Good Luck
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