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Originally Posted by ausdavep View Post
The menu positions are the same as the English version. So you'll be right using that, just remember how many clicks down/left/right
Fair enough, thanks for this.
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Hi everyone.

I'm a new owner of the Sony HMZ-T3W. I purchased it in May earlier this year from Japan brand new for $892.23 Australian dollars or $695 US dollars (May 14, 2015), That's what it said in my Paypal transaction. I've owned this head mount display for a few months now. It's great! I want to admit that I only use these to marathon Japanese cartoons (Anime) on my HMZ-T3W. It excels at everything compared to my main IPS computer screen.

One question. Is the lens made of plastic? Um I've seem to have scratched my lens (I think it's made of plastic, I mean the lens is plastic). I scratched the lens on my 2nd day of ownership but it does not bother me and it's unnoticeable because it's right in the very corner of the lens so you can't see it at all. And that's not a negative thing at all. It's just a little micro deep scratch. And it's not polish-able or fixable in my opinion.

It happened using an original brand new Lenspen that people use to clean their DSLR cameras (I don't know if I was being rough with my lenspen or not but I managed to have scratched the lens on the very left bottom corner of my left lens). And I was wondering does anyone else also have scratches on their lenses too? Because I don't think these are serviceable (Unless it blocks your field of view, Then you could opt for warranty I guess). But mine doesn't block my view when watching anything or even browsing on the computer. So do you think it's made of plastic, The lens? Sorry if it's a negative thing or not. I was just wondering if I'm the only one that's mildly bothered (My HMZ-T3W is 100% useable and there's nothing wrong with it except for me nit picking about a tiny scratch that's not visible at all).

I also use sharpness-hi 4 and sharpness-mid 4, 24fps true cinema and vivid color in my settings. But I don't use my 3.5mm audio jack. I use an external audio DAC and headphone amp USB to my Philips SHP9500 headphones.

I purchased my Sony HMZ thanks to reading some of the posts in this thread earlier when I haven't purchased mine yet. So thank you, I'm enjoying mine a lot with movies and cartoons. I do not know if my unit is the Japanese Triluminos display but I really like them even if it's not, It doesn't say on the manual or box if I recall. Thanks for reading my introduction and I hope you'll welcome another HMZ-T3* user to this thread!
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Originally Posted by Prada View Post
I also use sharpness-hi 4 and sharpness-mid 4
Actually it is sharpness hi and mid both +2. I did not have my HMZ on my head when I posted my post and I completely forgot that it was not 4. I tried out both hi and mid at +4 and it made the subtitles worse, Like it was sticking out in 3D looking very pixelated and sharp. My apologies if I didn't edit my first post (I just randomly thought out what sharpness I put, It turns out it was both +2).

This is my preferred sharpness settings for watching everything from movies to cartoons (Anime).

This is my full settings.

3D Settings
Auto 3D: On

Picture Mode: Vivid
Picture: 90
Brightness: 50
Color: 60
Color Temperature: Natural
Panel Drive Mode: Normal
Clear Black: +3
Sharpness Hi: +2
Sharpness Mid: +2
Noise Reduction: Medium
Contrast Remaster: Medium
Display Size: 100%
Screen: Normal
24p True Cinema: On
Cinema Conversion: Video
Overscan: Off
Wide Mode: Normal

I did not use my HMZ-T3W's 3.5mm audio jack. I'm using an external DAC and headphone amp.
This is from Windows 7's Sound>Speaker Properties:
Enhancements tab: Disable all enhancements (Everything is unchecked, And apply)
Advanced tab: 24 bit, 44100 Hz (Studio Quality), (Also I unchecked both Allow external applications to control this device).

My DAC and headphone amp are the Magni 2 Uber and Modi 2 Uber. I don't recommend getting these because it's too transparent (clear) and bright sounding. I'm not knowledgeable with audio but my friends tell me to keep it at 44.1 kHz for my external USB DAC. And by using 24 bit, There's no difference if I did choose 16 bit or 24 bit (But for your HMZ-T3 you must use the highest bit depth to get 32 bit included in the HMZ-T3-P and HMZ-T3W-P Audio DAC Processor box).

Again. Don't change any of these if you intend to still use your HMZ-T3's 3.5mm audio jack. It should be maximum bit (24 bit in Windows 7), 192000 Hz (Studio Quality). (I suggest this because in the HMZ-T3 manual it mentions this "Linear PCM (2-channel): Up to 192 kHz" at the very bottom of the manual but it also says "48 kHz with the battery unit" if you're using wireless). So I would choose 192000 Hz (Studio Quality) in the sample rate and bit depth settings in the Speakers Properties windows in Windows 7.

General Setup
HDMI Dynamic Range: Auto
HDMI Pass Through: Off
Control for HDMI: Off
Power Off When Unmounted: Off
No Signal Standby: On
Menu Display: 3D
Prolonged Viewer Warning: Off
Startup Viewer Warning: Off
Wireless Connection: Off
Wireless Standby: Off

Please note that I'm not knowledgeable on all my settings. But they work for me and I'm happy with the results.
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