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pdxrealtor's Avatar pdxrealtor 04:33 PM 07-10-2014
I just got these 3D glasses, Estar America ESG601 DLP Link 3D.

They seem to work great, but they don't really hug my face. I can see outside the glasses if I look up or down.

Is this typical of all 3D glasses?

MLXXX's Avatar MLXXX 02:43 AM 07-11-2014
It is typical of 3D glasses. (You use the glasses to watch the display screen, which is directly in front of you.) And it is typical of prescription glasses, though with prescription glasses in everyday life you may find you occasionally actually need to cast your eyes all the way up or all the way down and you will then momentarily lose the correction provided by the prescription glasses.

I've noticed that cheaper active 3D glasses are sometimes a little smaller in lens area, presumably as a cost savings measure.

People who need to wear prescription glasses for distance simply put on 3D glassses as they would sunglasses, i.e. over their prescription glasses. This is not usually a problem.
Ice Age 03:39 AM 07-11-2014
Hi, as i know. their have different size, some are very big but some are not. also have small size for young children. you can choose the suitable one for yourself...
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pdxrealtor's Avatar pdxrealtor 01:21 PM 07-11-2014
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