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hawkado's Avatar hawkado 12:49 PM 12-04-2012
how can i stitch together long videos that are split in the camera with pmb program version if this program does not has this option how can i do this with any other program? thank you

Don Landis's Avatar Don Landis 02:59 PM 12-04-2012
Just import the video. PMB does all the stitching automatically. If you wish to butt edit different clips, then you should use an editing program.
hawkado's Avatar hawkado 08:19 AM 12-05-2012
thank you for your reply,but i imported this small video but it dose not stitched together and i want to tell you that it was about 100 small video from this occasion and other occasions and i want to stitch every occasion video togther
Don Landis's Avatar Don Landis 01:49 PM 12-05-2012
If your videos on your camcorder is a bunch of short clips, then PMB will simply import the short clips as they were shot. You will need an editing program to edit and "stitch" them into one program. Use Vegas for this.

If you shot a long form non-stop, then the files on the drive will be several to make up one video clip. These files are not clips but you can import that long video using PMB and the files will be stitched automatically using that program. DO NOT use a file transfer to import the video as this will not work properly.
TrickMcKaha's Avatar TrickMcKaha 06:23 PM 12-05-2012
I hear the current PMB software has editing capability built in so you can join a series of short clips together. If yours cannot do that, you can go to the Sony site and download the newest version free. Sony Vegas costs, but it offers many improvements over the basic PMB editing.
hawkado's Avatar hawkado 10:34 AM 12-06-2012
thank you for your concern, i will try to update pmb or download Vegas and i will tell you what happen,thank you again
hawkado's Avatar hawkado 11:28 AM 12-07-2012
ok when i try to update pmb from sony site it changed to another program called playmemories home and it solved my problem,it has option to combine the videos together.thank you all.
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