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Jose Silva 08-14-2014 04:16 PM

Can't seem to get 3D working ....
I just finished setting up my first home theater ( thanks to lots of great advice here) but I'm having a heck of a time getting the 3D working. We have a Epson 3020 projector and when I look at the menu screen in 3D mode it is clear with the glasses, and blurry without so I'm assuming the issue is not with the projector. We bought Rio 2 in 3D which is supposed to have good 3 D and cause the kids wanted it, lol. Been trying to play it in 3D through the PS4 after the latest patch, it lays the movie but doesn't seem blurry without the glasses and my daughter ( who can see 3D as I can't) doesn't seem to see much 3D. Is this how it's supposed to be? Seems like it should be blurry without the glasses right?

Don Landis 08-14-2014 06:27 PM

Yes. I have Rio2 and your observations are correct. For me, the unknown is the PS4. It seems you do not have something set up properly with the PS4. Are you certain the latest PS4 update allows for 3D Blu Ray?
Asking some stupid questions to be sure you have the PS4 wired properly:
1. Do you use a high speed HDMI cable that is HDMI 1.4 compliant?
2. Is it fed directly to your projector or do you have it routed through your AVR receiver.?
3. If through the AVR, is that AVR HDMI 1.4 compliant? ( meaning it will pass 3D video to your display)

Note, there are ways to get around the issue of an AVR that is not 3D compliant but that loses some advanced audio features as you will need to output your sound via the optical cable separately, but not to worry about that for now. Post your AVR model and lets see if that is 3D capable first.

As for you not seeing 3D, are you sure? If you are completely blind in one eye, then that would be the reason, but if you just have poor vision, then likely you can see 3D easily with corrective glasses.

Where did the "blurry vision" image come from? If it came from the PS4, then it would appear you have everything working. If you put the projector in 2D to 3D mode, then the Projector is just doing a conversion, not good! Your projector should have an auto detect mode so it can switch to 3D when the 3D signal comes in. Other manual modes are like SBS or side by side which is used for 3D from You Tube or some TV channels where there are two of the same images side by side.

Hope this is enough to get you testing and finding your solution.

Jose Silva 08-14-2014 06:53 PM

Thanks! I'm pretty sure that the PS4 isn't the issue as it accepts the 3D disc with no error and gives me a message to turn the glasses on etc.
I'll check my HDMI cable though, I do have some 1.4 that I can try. The cable from the projector to receiver is new and we checked it was 3D capable but the one from the PS4 to the receiver might be older.

The blurry part I speak of is just when I have the projector switched to 3D with a button, I was just verifying that it was on.

As for my ability to see 3D, actually up to 10% of people can't! it's due to a lazy eye where my two eyes don't work together.

My receiver says it's good for 3D, it is a Yamaha RX-V675

Thanks for the help

Jose Silva 08-15-2014 05:27 AM

Ok, so I changed the HDMI cord from the PS4 to the receiver
And it still seems like the movie looks the same whether I have my glasses on or off. The projector does automatically detect the 3D and switches.
I wish I knew if it was my vision or my equipment....

Don Landis 08-15-2014 01:28 PM

If you have amblyopia then yes, that will prevent you from seeing from both eyes. You really should see about getting that corrected because it can lead to advanced problems in your good eye. The reason why you can't see stereo or 3D is because your brain is ignoring the off axis vision from the misaligned eye. Meaning you are essentially blind in the weak eye. If you have this corrected, your 3D vision may return to normal after some retraining of your brain. You should not just accept this as normal, but make an effort to get a good consultation. True that 2-3% of children have it and it has been associated with premature birth or under developed eye muscles. These kids also suffer other vision deficiencies. Not just to have 3D vision, but to avoid going prematurely blind. The earlier you get this corrected the better your chances of success will be in recovery of your eye-brain vision.
I have heard it said that 10% of adults can't see with both eyes. Meaning they cant see 3D. Don't know if that % is true or not. Main thing is, to make ever effort to get vision problems corrected.

The rest of your system seems to be in order. If you switch your 3D off in your projector, the image goes from double to normal in 2D mode then things are working and a viewer with normal vision will see the 3D when the image is double.

FYI- the way your glasses work on a projector, is left eye is clear, while right eye is blacked out with the LCD lenses. This alternates many times a second allowing you to see one image with left eye and the other image with the right eye since the 2 images on the screen are also alternating in sync with the glasses. Your brain then combines the two and interprets the variance between their geometries as depth.

3DBob 08-17-2014 09:10 AM

Hi, I'm new here. My son has a PS4 and it does not support 3D.:( The PS3 does. The PS4 user manual states: "Blu-ray 3D, CD, BD-RE ver 1.0, BD-R/RE XL, DVDs that have not been finalized". While your projector might be trying to interpret the signal, it's probably not coming though as frame packed sequential. There is a firmware update coming soon according to Sony. That's all I know about it. You might check out the PS4 forum threads.

Don Landis 08-17-2014 09:48 AM

You might want to update your PS4 to firmware 1.75:


Update rolled out last month.

3DBob 08-17-2014 10:23 AM

Day late and a dollar short as always:o. Thanks for the update. I will have my son try it soon. His basement was flooded in the Michigan storm here earlier this week and he lost most of his electronics (receiver, speakers, router, Xbox and 3D bluray player) except the PS4, so it will take some time to get it all back up and running. Luckily, his projector was on the ceiling and not affected.

Jose Silva 08-21-2014 06:40 AM

Thanks for all the advice, what we figured out is that while the PS4 will now play a 3D disc, it won't output it in 3d.
Did get it working via digital 3D files on my computer, after buying TotalMedia from Arcsoft
Unfortunately, despite surgery on my eye when I was young, I do not use my eyes together - nor does my wife, whose amblyopia wasn't detected early enough and consequently one of our daughters also got our crappy vision genetics! We did treat her with patches and glasses since she was one and she does see 3D.
Nothing o do for my wife and I, though we were surprised to see 3D at Disneyland on the Bugs Life show and the Muppet show....maybe they have a more expensive or better set up.

3DBob 08-21-2014 07:58 AM

I did a quick browse through the Playstation 4 forum thread and several have confirmed that 3D bluray does play in 3D and that one person also got a 3D game to play in 3D--which is even a bigger surprise. My son won't be able to try it for another two weeks because of flood damage, though.

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