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Joseph Clark's Avatar Joseph Clark
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08-21-2014 | Posts: 10,513
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I've yet to tax the new Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD in my 3D edit system, but so far I'm *really* impressed with the speed. I copied my entire Edius Garden project from another SSD that I had been using. That's over 500GB of files copied at about 340MB/s - sustained. I'm certain that the old SSD's read speed was the limiting factor, because in the test I ran, the 840 EVO hit ridiculously fast read/write speeds (over 1GB/s ). With the included Samsung Magician software, the 840 EVO uses system RAM as a cache, and it works! Unfortunately, only one drive can be accelerated, but using it as a project drive should ensure excellent throughput for all the audio and video files.

Anywho, I'm hoping Wolfgang is still following, because I've run into a strange problem with the Japanese Garden section of my video. The source folders that I used internally in Edius to sort clips have disappeared. Edius still knows where all the clips in the sequence go (no lost info as to where they are on the drive), but the organizational folders in Edius have vanished. If I have to make big changes, it's going to involve more work than I want to do. I'm wondering if you've ever heard of anything like this happening? The Japanese Garden is the only sequence where I'm having the issue, and honestly I didn't even notice it until fairly recently, so I'm not sure when it happened. Any thoughts?
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Don't know that level of editing though would like to.

The data is still on your drive, there are a # of ways to retrieve it. My cpu creates restore points very often. I've used one before (not the complete system restore) and been able to retrieve some files that had gotten deleted. Hope this can work for you. Did you have the file saved in any other location on your network?

What type of video editing software do you recommend. I've been using Video Converter Ultimate, Movavi, & just recently Handbrake. Though I don't know what some of the values are that can be adjusted. If you know a good reference to learn of this & the best software for enhancing/improving a video, I'd appreciate the recommendation.

I watched the 3D IMAX Under the Sea right after I got the new TV, & have never seen objects reach out 6-8 feet as they did in that one. Still have it if any of you would like a copy. Have yet to see another with that level of 3D effects, & was hoping to convert some to that quality if possible. Is it?
Joseph Clark's Avatar Joseph Clark
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08-21-2014 | Posts: 10,513
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Hi, Tom.

I fear no Windows restore will bring back the folder structure set up in Edius. There may have been massive changes since it happened, so any reverting would wipe out more than it would salvage. I can work with the problem, but I'm curious what caused it. Fortunately, it's not a catastrophic issue.

Not sure if you're asking about traditional 3D editing software or 2D to 3D conversion software. It would be fairly easy to shoot original footage that comes out of the screen that dramatically, but 2D to 3D conversion is expensive and imprecise unless it's done professionally. I don't have much experience with Movavi, but in the short time I played with it I was very impressed with how well it converted some 2D footage I fed it. I'd say it's probably the best 2D to 3D conversion software I've seen at that price point. The results looked much better than what I've been able to do with PowerDirector.

As for traditional 3D editing software, it's mostly Sony Vegas (and Movie Studio), CyberLink PowerDirector and (as a minority within this minority ) Grass Valley Edius. Most have free trial versions you could try.
Don Landis's Avatar Don Landis
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08-22-2014 | Posts: 11,330
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Joe- Sorry to hear of your troubles. Here's my protocol for file management:

The new fast SSD all suffer some a problem where they can lose data files. As you know, I have my edit computer set up with 3 levels of storage, primarily for speed:.
1. SSD for C drive and a work drive
2. PCIe for extremely fast work drive
3. SATA Hard drive for archived content such as library files and backup to the SSD work drive and PCIe work drive.

The C drive is a duplicate clone of a second C drive ( same hardware) I keep handy and update monthly or after I do any software updates.

I never work on projects that are on the PCIe or SSD work drive unless the files are all backed up also on the traditional SATA hard drive. VEG files are key so these are backed up daily while working on a serious project. It's a quick procedure to do a double "save as" first to the work drive and then to the HDD. It's an easy fast process to dump my work drive project folder with all the files to a HDD backup before shutting down the computer for the day.

In a case where the HDD gets corrupted, usually this is an index file corruption, I have an excellent tool to recover those. It's called File Scavenger. I have not lost data on a drive in years because File Scavenger can be used as a last resort. It rebuilds files sector by sector, then reconstructs the index for the drive. If I get an error that I need to reformat the drive I stop and test with File Scavenger first. This is not a fast process and on a 100 GB drive of files it can take 24-36 hours to recover. You could pull the drive, set it up on a separate computer if needed.

Hope some of these ideas help your detective work and plan for the future.
Joseph Clark's Avatar Joseph Clark
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08-22-2014 | Posts: 10,513
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Thanks, Don, but my problem isn't with the drive or Windows. The drive is fine. I have a very similar backup procedure as yours. I have all my source and project files backed up on two separate SSDs and two separate HDDs, including another full backup off site on separate hard drives (although it's not updated as frequently). I'm really paranoid about losing all the work I've put into this monster.

The problem is in Edius. That's why I'm hoping Wolfgang (who has more Edius experience than I do) might have a quick answer. When I start a project, I create a series of folders and a folder structure that will make it easy to do backups. All the files for my project are in a single folder, organized into logical sub-folders. I import those files into the source bin in Edius. Within the Edius program, the Japanese Garden section has somehow lost the folder structure and icon references for individual files. Strangely, it hasn't affected the program's ability to access the files, nor upset the timeline flow. Everything looks and plays normally. The icons from the timeline still point to exactly where they should on the drive, but the folder and file icons no longer appear in the bin as individual assets. I suspect it happened when I imported the Japanese Garden sequence into another sequence as part of a consolidation I did some time back, but it didn't appear to happen right away. That is, the import appeared to bring in all the folders and files as it should. I'm pretty sure it was user error, but I don't know how or why it happened.

As long as it isn't worse than it is, it's a relatively minor inconvenience. It hasn't slowed me down. It's just untidy and mysterious, and I'd like to get to the bottom of it.
Joseph Clark's Avatar Joseph Clark
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08-22-2014 | Posts: 10,513
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I figured out when the problem with my Japanese Garden segment happened. It was when I did a "Save as..." An older version of the sequence has the folders and files intact. Unless I have to, though, I won't revert to that version. It was some time ago, and I'd lose too much work.
Barry C's Avatar Barry C
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08-27-2014 | Posts: 280
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While on the subject of computer tales of woe: 3 weeks ago my bluray drive started to hang up and ruin 2 out of 3 discs. I bought another- Pioneer. It burned flawlessly except 3d disks would no longer play video, just audio on my Panasonic player. They would play on my Sony and on the computer but very choppy. I bought an external Asus drive in the unlikely event that it was a hardware conflict. Same thing happenned. Same result also on a new Dell XPS8700. After more uninstalling and reinstalling of Power Director and many other programs again and again, both computers were so screwed up I got the reinstallation discs and did clean system installs yesterday. In the process, it was determined that the new 8700 might have a bad hard drive, and since under warranty, Dell has Fedexed a replacement. In the mean time, the main editing computer started to correctly burn 3d bluray last night with the Pioneer drive. Ready to celebrate I was. I also had to uninstall the new Nvidia drivers in it which had made Power Director almost cease to function, with an older set of drivers, it appeared all was well. This afternoon, all problems with Power Director were back with a vengence. At the moment I'm sitting here running a full hardware diagnostic which is taking forever since my second storage drive is 4tb. If it's not hardware, I'm dead in the water and clueless. I'm even wondering if one of the many, unending Windows updates might be playing games with Cyberlink. I suppose as a last resort, I could shoot the computer-lol!
Joseph Clark's Avatar Joseph Clark
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08-27-2014 | Posts: 10,513
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Sorry to hear that, Barry. Your issues are one of the big reasons I've put off replacing my graphics card. I have a problem with screen refreshes in the Edius interface (and Windows), but I can always work around it. Otherwise, the system is working just fine, so I'm loathe to risk a change as "big" as switching out the graphics card. I've seen graphics drivers wreak havoc with systems.
Barry C's Avatar Barry C
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08-27-2014 | Posts: 280
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I've found that Nvidia drivers can cause massive conflicts with editing software so I always keep older versions around. I've never run into such a sustained problem as I'm having at the moment. I can't really do anything since the 3d source file is also screwed up and conversion to iso wouldn't help. I'm actually hoping that this diagnostic, which is taking forever, turns up a hardware problem. At least I'll have something to hang my hat on. Next week, I'm having surgery to have a couple of herniated disks in my neck fused and would really like to use the down time to work on some video projects. Boohoo, boohoo!!!
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