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Anthony1's Avatar Anthony1 12:30 AM 05-02-2010
Right now, I basically have two primary viewing rooms. One is the living room, in which I have a 50 inch plasma. (I'm very interested in the Panny VT25 at the moment) The other room I have, is a projection room. I'm very anxious to hear about any 3D projector announcements.

Anyways, with high quality shutterglasses being in the $150 ish range, it seems illogical to have to buy different glasses for use in both rooms. I have a family of four, and I'll definitely need 4 glasses for each room. The idea of paying for 8 different pairs of glasses (just to have 4 working glasses in each location) is not something I'm looking forward to. It would make much more sense to buy 4 glasses that will work both with the 3D projector in the projector room, and with the 3D plasma in the living room. In fact, I'm going to need more than just 4 glasses in the projector room. I figure in the beginning, I'll need to have at least 6 pairs, so that when a couple of people come over, I can have 6 people in the theater room enjoying TV. If those glasses also worked on the living room plasma, then I would know that I could have 6 people in the living room watching 3D as well.

Makes perfect sense.... right? Unfortunately, I'm not sure how I'm going to pull this off. Is it going to be possible to find glasses that work on both displays?
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Lee Stewart's Avatar Lee Stewart 07:09 AM 05-02-2010
The XpanD X104 series of ASGs will do what you want:
Anthony1's Avatar Anthony1 12:12 AM 05-03-2010
Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post

The XpanD X104 series of ASGs will do what you want:

Interesting. Hopefully there won't be any unforeseen issues with these when they arrive. The downside, is that they aren't coming till January 2011. Hopefully, they are as comfortable, and work as well as the ones that come with the Panasonic plasmas. I tried out some of those glasses, and was amazed at how lightweight they are. They were very comfortable. If Panasonic had a 3D projector that also used those glasses, that would be pretty cool. The Panasonic PT-AE4000 consistently gets rave reviews, if they were able to somehow make a new PT-AE4000 that somehow adds the 3D into the equation, then that might be the way to go. Get their plasma for the living room, and their projector for the theater room. Even better if the projector also came with 1 pair of glasses, so I'd only need to buy 4 more pairs separately.
JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 08:48 AM 05-03-2010
It's enough to have me gravitating to DLP's for sure. DLP link works everywhere there is a DLP 3D display.
Anthony1's Avatar Anthony1 11:33 PM 05-03-2010
Originally Posted by JOHNnDENVER View Post

It's enough to have me gravitating to DLP's for sure. DLP link works everywhere there is a DLP 3D display.

I actually prefer DLP for projectors, but have zero interest in having a DLP in my living room. I've had a Rear-Projection for a long time, and I'm never going back to that. Whenever I see a DLP in the stores, it just doesn't look very good. You have to be sitting at the perfect distance, and right in the middle of the screen for it to look any good. Whenever I'm standing up, looking at a DLP, I have to bend over and get down lower for it to even look halfway decent. Having to position myself for it to look decent really bothers me.
JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 02:50 PM 05-04-2010
You can't stand up that's for sure.... I'm glad I don't watch at home standing up.
The horizontle axis is forgiving enough for me with them.

It will be interestign to see what you come up with for comaptibility between your projector(s) and your living room.

I only want 3D in my theater, so I am Ok there in the end I suppose.
SoundChex's Avatar SoundChex 11:46 AM 05-05-2010
"It's not a flaw . . . It's a feature!"

According to Engadget, Samsung and Panasonic active shutter glasses can be used to view 3DTV on displays manufactured by the other company . . . but because the technology implementations from Samsung and Panasonic are 'reversed', your glasses will only work with the other company's TV "if worn upside down"!

Which I assume really just means that left eye and right eye signaling is reversed...? Obviously, there are some shortcomings with regard to even the concept of interoperable 3DVideo components...

I wonder if we can get AVSForum to add an "upside down smiley face" to indicate that the poster watches 3DTV equipment on a mixture of Samsung and Panasonic equipment...?! (Note: you must invert display to view this smiley face correctly! Duh!)
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