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I have been using stereographics in molecular viz research for 20 years. lately I am using hdmi 1.4 compliant sbs 1080p, which works for interactive viz and quicktime movie production. I can do it on my laptop, or put Qt files on usb drives and play on bluray media units like a sony s590.

Using switchresX I can create a 1920x2205 display porton my macbook pro and do 3d full res 1080p@24 frame packing on samsung and sony monitors, they automatically switch to stereo3d. But my epson 3010 projector rejects it, their tech support says the will not support this, but they support hdmi 1.4. the switchresx does not generate hdmi info frame packets, therefore not hdmi 1.4 compliant. epson will not budge on this, my assumption is that sony and samsung designs look at the unusual display size (being an odd number on vertical) and make a leap of faith it is 3d frame pack ignoring the fact their are no infoframe packets. I could ditch epson, I suspect sony projectors will play ball, but I have a sizeable investment in glasses, epson otherwise is good and affordable for an entry level system I would recommend for colleagues or mobile presentations involving QT files.

So I have been looking at other methods, such as burning bluray disks; until I realized a mvc 3d encoder would cost $7k-19k. I don't need mvc to guarantee I can play on monoscopic hdmi sinks. Actually I would prefer a USB approach to do it with mpeg and not waste time and money burning discs, but could go with SSD USB and produce uncompressed 1920x2205. A recent eyeopener involving one QT file played on a mac pro, macbook pro, and a dell laptop resulted in three different failures, no 5.1 sound on macbook, no stereo3d on macpro, and dell randomly inserted the first frame throughout the movie. Having ptroduced CDi discs for years I like the reliability of mass produced consumer electronics, versus the ever changing OS, firmware, sw app updates for presentations where the show must go on. Tech support for sony bdp s590 will not describe the detiled file spec needed to do this,becauseit is unpublished.
Realtech 1186 chip players maybe can do 1080p24 3d framepacking,maybe not. Apple seems to be oblivious to the 3d frame packing support, considering their long term inability to make 3d viz work I hold out little hope; although the black magic ultrastudio 3d thunderbolt might be able to generate hdmi 1.4 compliant infoframes, but their tech support does not respond and the manual is vague.

Any suggestions?
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hello, this is my first post so it will probably be noobish:

i have the capabilities to send FHD3D top/bottom 1920x2205 content to a 3dtv

my question is to be able to view FHD3D without any type of resolution loss
i have to have an ACTIVE 3d tv, not passive...

passive 3d loses half the resolution in one direction

if ACTIVE is the only way to see FHD3D, i've 'heard' 'read' that 3dvision is kinda on its way out the door

any advice, comments are appreciated...thanks in advance, j
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Originally Posted by rekbones View Post

Your least expensive solution is to buy a standalone 3D Blu-Ray player and rent or buy Blu Ray's. ISO file will give you the best quality but as you stated a pain to mount etc. MKV sbs is the most common file you will encounter in down loads and do look very good (better than cable or VUDU etc). If you want to use a HTPC just buy a Blu Ray burner ($60 on sale) and get power DVD 10 or better or any other one of the players out there. This will keep you above the law and get the best picture available.
I have a similarly question. I have two DLNA media servers. Synology Media Server and Plex media server on mac mini. Plex can only play SBS. So my idea was to buy a Blu Ray player and use DLNA to stream from Synology NAS, is this possible with e.g. Panasonic DMP-BDT 33 I want to avoid to mounting...
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None of my Blu Ray players with DLNA have a fast enough network to play any HD material from my Media servers (HTPC running XBMC) to stream with out judder. Only the PS3 has a gigabit network and the DLNA works well. I have a Sony (non 3D) and Panasonic 110

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