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Hey guys, I'm glad i found this forum. I'm usually on the DIY screen form.
I have a question regarding my options available for my viewsonic pjd6211 projector and eventually 3D blue ray movie watching and 3D game playing.
It seems that as of what I've learned, so far, the only possible way for me to watch 3D blue ray movies for this type of projector, since this projector has no HDMI input only a Component HD input, is with the use of the Nvidia 3D vision. I've read that the only 3D software, PowerDVD and TMT5, as of yet don't work 120dlp projection 3D checkboard type technology only the Nvidia drivers 3D vision for this checkerboard 3D type. I have a Home theater computer setup by the way. Right now All i have is a normal DVD player in my computer but for christmas or so i hope to get a internal Blue Ray player so as to watch 3D blue ray movies and so on.
I did read that tridef has added 120dlp projectors to their list but I believe it's side by side not checkerboard type and don't know if they will eventually do Blue ray. I heard 3D vision gives you the best quality for 3D blue ray anyway as of now(could be wrong).
With all that said... My question is, is there a Universal DLP link 3D shutter glasses that will work with the DLP link on my projector and the Nvidia 3D visi0n??
I would like to buy just a pair of 3D dlp link shutter glasses for now to use with Youtube 3D viewing or a little 3D game playing with IZ3D or Trideff through the DLP Link setting on my projector but be able to use them with the 3D vision emitter later on. The viewsonic PJD6211 has 2 setting for 3D on it DLP link or the Nvidia 3D vision.
I'm not sure if this is even possible though because I know Nvidia 3D vision doesn't use DLP but an emitter.
Another things that is very important is the quality of the image for brightness. When you set the viewsonic projector to 3D mode i would say the brightness projector image is zapped by 30% - 40% or more and i need glasses that have a clear image and no tint to them until the shutters are turned on.
So with all this being said, what are my options with this certain projector??? Anyone out there have this type of projector?? If so what is your experience with it??
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Old 01-29-2012, 11:47 AM - Thread Starter
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I can't believe no one on here has either the pjd6211, pjd5122 or the pjd6221 projector. Or that know one knows if there are universal shutter glasses that will work with DLP and Nvidia 3D vision, LOL.
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Old 02-28-2012, 08:22 PM
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according to the info on amazon it will work with either the dlp link glasses or the nvidia 3d vision kit so buy one of those. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking?

The nvidia works on the 120hz refresh to do 3D. The other uses dlp link. there is no 120dlp. And I've never seen a projector that does checkerboard format... not sure where you got that?

I personally have the optoma hd66 which does the same dlp link or nvidia. I use the nvidia and it works great for me.
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Old 02-29-2012, 06:44 AM
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DLP Link glasses don't need to be universal, they are DLP Link period. If you are using DLP Link technology all DLP Link glasses "should" work with them.

For example - I have a Samsung DLP Link 3D TV. What DLP Link glasses work with my set? All of them! Some work better than others of course, but they all should work just fine.

I use Ultra Clears, some people like the Optoma ZD101s or the improved 201s, Xpand 102s, ViewSonic PGD-150 and PDG-250s, BenQ DLP glasses, Eagle DLP glasses, and some other generic models.
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Old 09-16-2012, 05:22 PM
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Im not sure what route you went with on your htpc setup but I have a pjd6221 so I will share some things.
Dlp-link is what you want, universal means RF or IR in general with glasses so dlp-link and the lenses are sheap. I got 4 working ones on ebay for 60
Next is you will have to keep Nvidia branded Gpu's because this kind of 3d doesnt play nice with AMD since there is no hdmi port on the projector
Also you will want frame sequential 3d, not checkerboard, because that is only possible over hdmi 1.4....and thats because vga doesnt have the bandwidth for the data.
Once you get a bluray player for your pc you will need some for of hdcp removal either via a splitter or a program since vga is not blu-ray friendly in that there is no hdcp.
Secondly this thing is amazing once you get a blu ray to run on it.
ALso note that you have to select the right 3d as well on the projector and make sure your refresh is at 120hz.
And if you like smoothe video of high refresh hdtvs at the store look at SVP(smoothe video playback) it makes watching planet earth a true experience.
sorry for reviving a dead thread
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