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mikehall's Avatar mikehall 09:10 PM 09-11-2012
So I had a inspiron n5010, I couldn't get it to play 3d blu rays. I thought it may be an hdmi 1.4 issue so I bought a brand new laptop that dell said had hdmi 1.4, the inspiron n5040. I have a mitsubish 73640 DLP tv, with dlp-link glasses. I've used both powerdvd 12 and totalmedia theatre 5. I set the source on automatic, and the output to 3d dlp (checkerboard). I bypassed my denon 1712 in case that was an issue and have a 1.4 hi speed hdmi cable directly to the tv. Both software will play the movie, and it does sorta seem to have 3d turned on. It get a off-set double image. However no 3d from the glasses. I tried setting the tv automatically detect - the glasses just kinda blink. I set the tv to checkerboard, it basically overlays a light/dark checkerboard pattern over everything but does not show me 3d. I can play 3d from youtube and my satellite ok - just not 3d blu rays. Can anyone give me any tips on what I might be doing wrong?

walford's Avatar walford 05:58 PM 09-16-2012
Is checkerboard a standard option for U-tube and your satellite receiver?
What BR 3D movie are you trying to play?
When playing 3D on your laptop what does the Info button on the Mits TV say it is receiving?
mikehall's Avatar mikehall 08:00 PM 09-17-2012
Ok, found out more info. At least from what I can tell Intel HD 2000 LAPTOP graphics don't seem to fully support 3d. I setup a dell desktop with the same intel HD 2000 graphics chip and it works. I can now select hdmi 1.4 1080p as an output instead of checkerboard. On both laptops hdmi 1.4 was greyed out.

Now I would really prefer a laptop - the question is what laptop graphics card support 3d as apparently they aren't the same as desktops. So I buy a 3rd laptop with an intel HD 3000? Do I have to get a laptop with a discrete nvidia card or something?
DragonSixGolf's Avatar DragonSixGolf 08:25 PM 09-17-2012
ive done a lot of research trying to see if the amd 6310 would do 3d.. doesn;t seem to. but i did find mention that the 3000 would. i'd stay away from nvidia..even if the IGP supports it, you have to do software hacks to enable 3d unless you get the 3d kit..which is useless for dlp link. from what you describe.. maybe there are differences in the standalone and integrated chips. amd says all 6000 series support 3d.. but they don;t. so find someone body with a proven working setup as the many revies i've read repeat misinformation about what actually works
mikehall's Avatar mikehall 08:58 AM 09-18-2012
Ok, well partly my mistake. I had thought my my laptop(s) had intel HD 2000 chipset, actually it has the older intel HD graphics (they don't describe it too well in device manager or they make it seem like i3's always have 2000/3000 graphics). So I'm sending the laptop back and ordered one with intel HD 4000 graphics - hopefully it'll work.
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