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I added this on another forum for something else but i was wondering what people thought here?
Main topic is about smooth blurless images.


After a few weeks of only gaming on the pj i went back to have a go at my 47et5b passive 3dtv.
I found the 3d gaming experience tobe quite poor, i was noticing the black horizontal lines that each eyes see's every other line aswell as the massive Aliasing effect that passive has, it never really bothered me going from a active tv to a passive but from the pj to the passive it's huge in my eyes.

I was allso seeing alot of blur/ghosting/trailing on moving objects, the pj does'nt have this at 120hz or in 3d and gives a smooth blur free image allthough it does have it at 60hz!

I ended up just playing the games in 2d at 1080p that night, was a very nice experience after playing 720p 3d for a few weeks, loads of detail but i still had to deal with the blur that the lcd had, i won't be gaming on a passive or active 3d for a long long time, maybe never.

projectors at a true 120hz are awsome!

One thing i do notice, and it may be the biggest thing that has bugged me, low pixel response time or something to that effect.

A very old 60hz evesham alqemi lcd ( 5ms pixel response time )has less blur on moving objects than a es8000 or other high range lcd's, including the 47et5b i have now and my pj.

All the high range lcd /passive actives i've had have had poor trialing in 2d at 60hz and 3d at 60hz, the tv's interpolation can fix the blur issue but at the cost of aded lag, so to fix the issue the tv has to take the 60hz input and interpolate to the displays native resfresh rate wether thats 100hz, 120hz, 200hz, 240hz ect in 2d or 3d works with zero pixel response time and has zero trailing/blur.

Same goes for my pj, 60hz has blur/trialing and it has it quite alot , more than it should like with the 3dtv's.
But with a 120hz input/ouput it has zero blur/trialing.

So to me this sounds like it is'nt a issue with pixel response times at all, it's a issue of 60hz content being played on a higher than 60hz native display and as such the the tv puts in blank frames like it does for terrestrial television or something to that effect.


Most basic LCD TVs broadcast images at a refresh rate of 60 hertz; in other words, the TV displays 60 frames per second. Most movie studios, however, shoot on film that rolls at 24 frames per second. When your LCD TV tries to play back a movie that was shot at 24 frames per second, it must convert the source material to playback at the faster 60 frame per second speed in a process known as 2-to-3 pulldown. This literally slows down each frame, making the resulting video look choppy instead of smooth.

Read more: What Causes Jerky Movements on My LCD TV? | ... z2A1NdA2vy

Anybody have any thought's on this.

Bugged Interleaved/checkerboard lg forum thread, please add your names.
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