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mflanagan's Avatar mflanagan 08:37 PM 12-18-2012
Hi guys,
I have a Yamaha Receiver and an Epson 3020 3D Projector. If I go From my Nvidia card (HTPC) to the reciever - to the PJ, I get HD sound and 3d at the Projector= No Problem.

If I go thru this Monoprice HDMI 3D Splitter I get no 3D (But I still get HD sound and a 2D picture)

Here is the Splitter

What am I doing wrong. Has anyone successfully used an HDMI Splitter successfully with 3D from an HTPC (Video Card)?

Thanks for your help!


rekbones's Avatar rekbones 06:29 AM 12-19-2012
What are you connecting the other side of the splitter to, if it not HDMI 1.4 it will default to the lowest display
lewis3845's Avatar lewis3845 07:49 AM 12-19-2012
I think this will answer your question mflanagan I found it on the splitters review

HDMI Splitter
Pros: Nice unit on 2D

Cons: Does not work on 3D

by Monoprice Administrator
Hello Ronald,

Thank you for your review. This item should work with 3D, but keep in mind all units need to support 3D for it to work properly. If you connect something that is not 3D compatible, it will not work correctly. Thank you!

John Lingo
Tech Support

by Ronald Brown
Hi John,

The splitter is connected to a Samsung UN55C8000 3D hdtv and a Vizio 2D tv on the output and the input is a Directv H23 3D/HD receiver. I do not expect to see 3D on the Vizio but do expect to see 3D on the Samsung. If I connect the H23 directly to the Samsung I do receive 3D. If in the original setup I remove the Vizio, I still can not receive 3D on the Samsung. That is or was my reason for stating that the splitter did not work on 3D, but would or did work with a 2D signal to both TV sets.


by Monoprice Administrator
Hello Ron,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately that is how HDMI works, if one item does not support 3D, it will always downgrade to 2D and will only work if you bypass the splitter. I hope this clarifies it for you. Thank you!

John Lingo
Tech Support
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