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03-01-2013 | Posts: 452
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Expert advice needed!!

The problem:

OK Have many checked the 2D to 3D converter system??

I find that I keep getting a left eye field that is warped, and bends along the lower 1/3 of the picture to the right.

I have a call into tech support about this.

I have seen it on all the 3020s I have had so far.

The answer from Epson:

"As for the warped 2D to 3D conversion in the left field, this is a normal artifact of the conversion process. We are taking a 2D image and giving it depth, in order to do this we are superimposing 1 image on top of another. the "warp" you are seeing is part of the second image that gives the 1st image depth. It is specification and nothing can be done to correct it. You may also see it on the right side or not at all, the artifact you are seeing may vary based on the content that is being converted to 3D.
As long as you do not see this artifact with Blu-Ray or Broadcast 3D the hardware is OK."

So a right field that is straight and warped left field is normal and OK??

That makes NO sense to me, two pictures left and right, yes, and a shift to make it look like 3D also OK but to distort the lower 1/3 of one field does not compute to me.


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03-04-2013 | Posts: 452
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I really wish I could get some feedback on this:

Does all or most 2D to 3D conversions work this badly??

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03-29-2013 | Posts: 236
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I have used the 2D to 3D Conversion on my Epson 5010 projector quite a few times, and I have not noticed this. I will have to pay attention next time to see if I see what you are seeing... Are you using Epson glasses or other manufacturers? My 5010 uses IR glasses; I believe the 3020 uses RF glasses, correct? I don't think that would really make any difference with causing the image issue, though.

I thought the conversion on the 5010 does a fairly good job, depending on the source I'm watching, of course. The main issue with Conversion 3D that I notice is typical for the process - where portions of the screen image hover at the wrong 3D depth for where it should be placed in reality... But that to me adds to the fun of Conversion 3D - something to chuckle at!
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I have 3 3D displays, a Samsung plasma, LG LM7600 passive LCD and the Epson 6010. I also have the 3D-Bee external converter. IMO, the Epson 2D to 3D conversion is all but useless. I see exactly the distortion the OP talks about, on just about everything. It's not convincing conversion in any way. The Samsung conversion is good for a lot of content, the LG better and the 3D-Bee the best of the lot. Sony and Panasonic conversions that I've seen are right there with the Epson - at best pushing the 2D frame back into the distance, but not conveying a sense of depth with much of anything. All conversion is hit and miss, but some conversion is almost all miss.
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