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Jonathan Hersey's Avatar Jonathan Hersey 01:40 AM 06-22-2013
Is there any way I could have SVP or something similar like InterFrame kinda Motion Interpolation plugin scripts running in the background as I was playing a PC gaming in either a windowed mode or full screen? If I could cheat my 3D games that run 30hz to run 60hz... This would be an amazing thing... No need for crappy HDTV and their Motion Interpolation software trickery and marketing!

This would be a dream. Is there anyway to implement the real time use of this plug in as a DLL or something that would run along side of the PC game? I think it is possible because you can you use it in real time with videos and video streams...

Does anybody know of an external video processor that would add Frame rate conversion : motion interpolation in real time? THAT DOES NOT COST 75K dollars haha.

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