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08-10-2013 | Posts: 142
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I am trying to understand the hardware requirements for watching 3D movies through a projector.

I currently have a HDMI 1.3 capable 1080p projector. I found a video clip that has side-by-side 3D contents. When I play it through VLC, I see two mirror images on my screen.

As I understand, all I need is to buy a pair of SBS capable 3D glasses to watch this video clip. If this is true, I am trying to understand why or when would I need to buy a HDMI 1.4a capable projector.

Is it the issue of supported 3D formats? From what I have read, most new videos are encoded in SBS format. Are there some other formats that are becoming industry standards and are available only via HDMI 1.4a?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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08-12-2013 | Posts: 26
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Your current HDMI 1.3 projector cannot be used for 3D if it is not a 3D projector. The SBS signal will show up as two images side by side, that is correct, but it is not the glasses that convert it into 3D. When you put that signal into a 3D projector, you then turn the 3D mode on and it will split the two views, and interlace them and stretch them to full screen. It will then show a full screen image for your left eye, followed by a full screen image for your right eye, then repeat continuously. The 3D glasses sync with the projector so that when the projector is showing the image for your left eye, the glasses block your right eye from seeing the image, and vice versa. I should also mention that the 3D video you are seeing is not full resolution. A full 3D source will have two 1080p images side by side or one on top of the other, fed over HDMI 1.4 to the 3D display. The video clip you are looking at is two 3D images that are half their normal resolution so that they can fit together on a single 1080p frame. When your 3D display receives this signal it upconverts the picture. In doing this, you can play the SBS 1080p video clips with a regular 1080p capable video player or bluray player, it does not need to be 3D capable, but your projector does.

Sorry if this is a little confusing, let me know if you have any other questions.
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08-13-2013 | Posts: 142
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Thank you for your help. I have a better understanding now.

One thing that is not clear is how the glasses synchronize with the projector. Are they transmitting signals to each other?

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A 3D projector has either an emitter (IR or RF) or it uses DLP Link technology. If it is the former, the glasses sync with the emitter's signal. If it is the latter, there is a flash (invisible to the human eye) in between frames that the glasses pick up and use that to keep sync. So, if you have DLP Link glasses and turn your head away from the screen, you lose sync. If you have an RF emitter they stay synced even if you turn your head away momentarily - they are not line-of-sight like DLP Link.
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