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My company processes still images to create 1080p mp4 files.

We are now getting newer requirements to create 3D videos that should work on HDMI 1.4 projector via PC with HDMI 1.4 graphics card.

Browsing the net, it appears there are 3 different formats for 3D:

Side-by-side - The best resolution is limited to 1080i.

Top-to-bottom - It seems this gives a resolution of 720p.

Frame-packed - You get full 1080p resolution. It seems 3D Bluray discs use this technology.

Can someone please correct me if what I have read is not entirely true? Is there a format better than "frame-packed" that works well will HDMI 1.4?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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You need to clarify whether you are looking at FULL SBS/OU or HALF SBS/OU

The effective resolution of both full formats is 2 full 1080p images per frame or in theory the same as or better than frame packing.

The effective resolution of both half formats is 1 half 1080p images per frame although neither is 1080i or 720p specifically... HSBS is 2 960x1080 images and HOU is two 1920x540 images. Same number of pixels, but detail is preserved in different planes depending on format.

Also a HSBS encoded video played back on a passive 3D display witl have it's effective resolution halved again.

I believe framepacking is considered the best but I am under the impression one of the images in each frame is compressed at a different ratio than the other so technically one eye gets a lower quality image. I would verify that information though.

Probably the best option is gonig to be framepacking as the only ones that offer potentially better resolution is Full SBS or Full OU and quite a few devices can't play those formats.

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Yes, frame packing is the best 3D format. The others, such as side by side or Top/Bottom are compromises used for systems that cannot handle HDMI 1.4.

There are two versions of frame packing that are both good. 1080 30p is usually the best, but if you have scenes with fast action and, especially, fast panning of the camera, then frame packed 720 60p is best, as you won't get that jutter you can see with the slower frame rate. The customers' TVs will automatically adjust to either of those HDMI 1.4 frame packed formats.
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Checkerboard looks very, VERY close to 1080p [IMO], at least in games, and is 60hz.
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The HDMI 1.4a specification requires 60 Hz 3D sinks to support the following formats:
  • 1920x1080p @ 23.98 / 24Hz Frame packing
  • 1280x720p @ 59.94 / 60Hz Frame packing
  • 1920x1080i @ 59.94 / 60Hz Side-by-Side (Half)
  • 1920x1080p @ 23.98 / 24Hz Top-and-Bottom
  • 1280x720p @ 59.94 / 60Hz Top-and-Bottom

IIRC the specified top-and-bottom is sub-sampled, so you lose half the information in each half.

There are other optional formats, but choosing one of them might limit your audience. Of the five, the first gives the best resolution. And it will work on 50 Hz sets, too.
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