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CARTmen 06-10-2014 03:42 PM

On the last days there was some news of a new technology of a glasses free projector, that is being developed in MIT. 

Reading several news about this, the information seems to be essentially the same: it consists of a rear projector that can project 8 different images from a 1080p 3D source, and projecting them through a angle expanding screen, the observers on the other side of the screen can see a 3D 4k image, that have 8 different perspectives, 



Although the 3D glasses free image is a major breakthrough in the projector technology, there are a few more interesting things in this technology:

- Capability of outputting a 4k image from a 1080p source

- Higher contrast with deeper blacks

- Several points of view "like an hologram"


I'm not a professional in this field, so I would like to know what do you guys think about this technology.


Here's the page with the full information: http://web.media.mit.edu/~gordonw/CompressiveLightFieldProjector/


The paper is going to be presented at SIGGRAPH. Anyone's going there?

CARTmen 06-11-2014 03:43 AM

Am I the only one excited with the possibilities this brings to projectors?
You could enter in your room and have a screen with the size of a wall (because it's 4k), and as you enter, you have on the other side of the screen a 3D jungle, like if it is right inside your room. Or you could have Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the middle of your room. Imagine how awesome would it be to see 3d movies in a screen like that. Is as if you had a window to other world, and parts of that world cross the window to your side.
And I'm sure the realism increase because of the better image quality and the fact that you don't even have to wear glasses.


Maybe I'm seeing it the wrong way, but this is what I think when I think about this technology.

fitbrit 06-18-2014 10:43 PM

This is exciting. However, if it is rear projection only when there is an actual product, I fear it will have only a niche market. That depends on the required throw length of course; anything smaller than 30" might work.

CARTmen 06-19-2014 12:27 AM

Do you think this have a real possibility of being used in projectors, or it's only a theoretical paper and isn't going any further than that?

motorman45 06-19-2014 11:41 AM

to be realistic this is not new nor is there any results showing the possibility of 4k from a 1080 device. my son has a nintendo DS with this tech in it. if you look at the image on their page of the styro head and the red and green bands representing left and right images you can see how poor of a focus the image stripes would be. move at all and you lose the image. again its an old idea that is no better with modern electronics. it cant beat a glasses 3d stereo system for image quality.

CARTmen 06-19-2014 12:46 PM

I think is basically the same idea of ultra-D technology and Nintendo DS, but with projected light. It would be awesome if this thing worked. Well we will have to wait 10 to 15 years for holograms.

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