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twinturbo911's Avatar twinturbo911 11:58 AM 06-28-2010

I am a newbie and not an audiophile. I am wondering if it is ok to connect my Samsung Hw-c450 soundbar through my Pioneer VSX-1020-K receiver. I am aware that the soundbar already has built in amplifier and it does not need one. However, the reason I want to use to use one is for the following reaseons:

1. The ability to add additional inputs and connect them to my wall mounted setup.
2. The ease of adding additional inputs.
3. 3D pass through capabilities for future upgrades.

The soundbar would be connected through fiber optic via the TV. All the other consoles such as ps3, wii, xbox, sat/cable, other set top boxes would be connected via receiver. I also would like to try running an analog cable from receiver to soundbar to listen to internet radio.

Please let me know if this is completely impossible or doable. Thanks for help in advance.

drfreeman60's Avatar drfreeman60 07:13 PM 06-28-2010
This sounds like a difficult setup. If you have some speakers set up via the TV and others from the receiver, how would you balance the sound. Soundbar controlled by its internal system, other speakers controlled by the receiver. What you would really need would be a preamp type system with variable line level outputs for the different channels (or each speaker to have a variable adjustment). When all channels have been set up and balanced correctly, then the volume control from the receiver would control all. No help for your current situation.

Your current soundbar has minimal channel seperation as a 2.1/3.1 device or has its own simulated surround mode which would actually interfere with the sound from the extra surround speakers.

I would suggest either going with a full surround system and the receiver or just the soundbar or one of the newer soundbars that come with rear channel speakers and are designed correctly to work with the extra speakers.
twinturbo911's Avatar twinturbo911 08:30 AM 06-29-2010
Apologies if I confused you but I only have one speaker setup that is the soundbar and no additional speakers. The soundbar has three inputs: two optical and one 3.5 mm audio. Below is how things are connected:

1. Satellite > TV > Soundbar (Fiber optic from TV)
2. PS3 > Soundbar (Fiber optic)
3. Audio device > Soundbar (3.5 mm audio cable)

I would like to add a receiver in the middle to add the capability to add additional input video sources without having to take my TV down from the wall. Most of the audio will still be routed from the TV to the soundbar with the exception of PS3 and audio device.

Also, I want to see if I can run the audio device through the receiver. This is not necessary but just wondering...
drfreeman60's Avatar drfreeman60 08:12 PM 06-29-2010
The soundbar could be run from the receiver if the receiver has variable line level outputs (usually labeled pre-out) which could be combined into a 3.5mm audio cable. If you only have speaker terminals, these would probably not work as the input for the soundbar should probably be a nominal 1v line level input. Depending on the output voltage at the speaker terminals as well as a suitable connector to go from speaker output to line level input would probably be a tough act to control. Also if you use the speaker terminals you will pick up an extra layer of distortion and noise from the power amplifier section of the receiver.
twinturbo911's Avatar twinturbo911 08:33 AM 06-30-2010
Thanks. I am planning to connect it using regular audio out with analog output. Based on your feedback it seems like it is possible.
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