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Possumgirl's Avatar Possumgirl 07:24 PM 05-06-2012
I don't believe the S400 is ARC capable so you will need to use a Toslink cable from the Panny to the S400.

sloepoke's Avatar sloepoke 08:36 PM 05-06-2012
Originally Posted by Possumgirl View Post

I don't believe the S400 is ARC capable so you will need to use a Toslink cable from the Panny to the S400.

I didn't realize that limitation, but it looks like you're right. Sounds like a $5 cable might resolve my problem - thanks!
hififi's Avatar hififi 09:43 PM 05-07-2012
Originally Posted by LikeNikes View Post

Hey peoples!
Here a few things that I did that seem a little different from other peoples settings by reviews and posts that I read.

1. I have my left and right channels at 4-5 and my center at 0.
2. I dont use the univolume unless Im watching regular tv which very rare.
3. I dont the enhancer unless using a mp3 player.
4. I do use extended stereo and clear voice(this seems to bring mid freq up)
5. My soundbar is at ear level

Number 5 made a huge difference for me with sound bouncing off walls. I had to check if something was happening around my house a few times when I was not paying attention to the TV.
zoey67's Avatar zoey67 12:55 PM 05-11-2012
Does anyone knows if the new s401 a big improvement over s400? it's $300 more. A reviewer on amazon said it blew away his ysp-1000 and 3000 that he just sold. I've had both too and if that statement is somewhat true then the s401 would be even better than my ysp-5100.
lucky41's Avatar lucky41 01:12 PM 07-06-2012
I have yht-400 and samsung ue46c6500. They are connected with optical audio cable and everything works fine.
I've just bought wireless headphones and I've got a silly question - how to connect them? There is no analog audio out from Yamaha.

Is there a way to get analog audio from HDMI out from Yamaha?

Thank you for answers

UPDATE: I've got an official answer from local representative - this is not possible.
I have to say that this is something that I wasn't even thinking of and it was completely natural for me that there must be a headphone jack. But there isn't.
What a disappointment with my stupidity and the product.
joemannnnn's Avatar joemannnnn 07:25 PM 11-11-2012
Hey guys,
I just picked one of these up today, open box from a big retailer. I got a great deal, but I'm getting a noticeable rattle from the sub/receiver itself. Any music with bass, causes a vibration within the housing that can be heard with the music from the couch. Sounds pretty terrible. Even at +1 sub setting, it is heard. Anyone experience anything like this? Any recommended fixes?

If I push down on the receiver/amp, it dampens the vibration, almost takes it away the more I push. I called Yamaha support, the tech wasn't familiar with the product. He was very suprised that the receiver was integrated with the sub, he wasn't a fan of that design. He was starting to lean towards having to mail it in. I want to try and avoid that so I left it that I would play with the settings and call back if needed to try and reach tier 2 support. I'm open to some diy ideas

somelogin's Avatar somelogin 04:20 PM 11-08-2013
Why does the Amazon description say 1 input of hdmi 1.4 and 1 output of 1.4? Are two of the three outputs not 1.4?

Also this soundbar is ACR capable because sometimes I don't even have any optical cable connected and only use hdmi.

edit: oh, I guess I misunderstood ARC. It must be only when you're trying to get sound from the tv itself, rather than from a cable box, blu ray player, etc. So if I were using the tuner, I guess I couldn't get audio from hdmi, but all the sources I sue are fine with only hdmi.
cyclsbganes's Avatar cyclsbganes 07:15 AM 11-10-2013

You should be able to feel some depth to the sound. A 3D sensation if you will. Hearing things behind you is not really going to happen.


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