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Just run hdmi to the TV and run optical to the yamaha for the Xbox, then I guess arc for the mac
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Lol, my Xbox optical is not working so have to use optical from tv for Mac and Xbox or otpical for both. Kan the deley be but in for the arc alone or only hdmi inputs and optical?
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Can I delete my unnessary post?
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Originally Posted by heed View Post

Well I finally have it all hooked and working. I gotta say I am quite impressed. I am using all 3 HDMI connections for a PS3, AppleTV, and a HD Comcast receiver. It is hooked up to my Samsung PN51D8000 using HDMI ARC. The 3 channel sound was impressive given the large size of the room. The virtual surround was noticeable. Given that the S401 supports expanding to real surround speakers I took two rear speakers from an extra Mirage Nanosat 5.1 speaker system and hooked them up. One change in the menu system and the rear speakers are active.

For a bedroom setup I could not ask for more from a soundbar, except that I wish it was a little wider so it was more in proportion with the 51" TV but the sound is superior to the Samsung HD-W550 I had before. I was not satisfied with the input setup or sound from that system so I returned it for the Yamaha.

If anyone has questions about this unit feel

free to ask, I am very satisfied with it so far. The receiver/built-in subwoofer is very nice and you can control the volume of each speaker independently. The big seller on this unit for me was the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA support.

Hi heed,
Was it Samsung HW-D550?
I tried to find for comparison but I couldn't find HD-W550. smile.gif
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If I have my room arranged like in the picture A wih a YSP-2200, will I be able to get a good surround effect?


I worry that the door opening to the left of the TV-sofa will be a problem for the surround sound (and maybe also the furniture to the right and the two windows behind the sofa).


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