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fjacky's Avatar fjacky 08:51 AM 01-07-2012
I was just about to buy this soundbar but was tipped off by someone to make sure I have the proper output on my TV. I just bought a new TV so in my head I thought it would have everything I'd need. The colby has RCA cabling, but it looks as though my TV only has optical audio out (see attachment)

Am I out of luck?

BuffaloJim's Avatar BuffaloJim 10:39 AM 01-07-2012
Yes, if those are the only jacks your TV has, you're out of luck.

fjacky's Avatar fjacky 12:52 PM 01-07-2012
What a drag... Very affordable too.

fjacky's Avatar fjacky 09:55 AM 01-08-2012
It seems the lower priced soundbars only have the RCA cables and not the hookup for the digital audio output.
Possumgirl's Avatar Possumgirl 10:02 AM 01-08-2012
Does your TV have an audio setting to output PCM from optical? If it does, you could use the Coby bar by purchasing a digital to analog converter. You could also consider the Vizio VSB200 which is about the lowest priced bar around. It has optical in, but only accepts PCM.
Elihawk's Avatar Elihawk 10:12 AM 01-08-2012
I had a Colby soundbar for awhile and while they are cheap, they sound like they are cheap as well. Only a little better than the TV speakers! I ended up giving it to my nephew.
There are many powered digital to analog converters available for 40-60 bucks.
edit...I did NOT have the model you listed above!
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