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sarb0013's Avatar sarb0013 01:28 PM 04-18-2012
I'm trying to use my iphone through my sony CT150 without needing to buy the dmport dock. Is there a way I can just connect the ipod using a y cable?


Possumgirl's Avatar Possumgirl 01:49 PM 04-18-2012
sarb0013's Avatar sarb0013 01:57 PM 04-18-2012
What inputs do I plug the cable into? I tried the audio in labeled SA-CD/CD and set the sub to that input but did not get any sound.
Possumgirl's Avatar Possumgirl 02:37 PM 04-18-2012
Hmmm. Should work. Mine did. Make sure you have volume turned up on the player. My MP3 player isn't an iPod, but connection should be exactly the same.
sarb0013's Avatar sarb0013 04:10 PM 04-18-2012
Figured it out, stupid mistake. Thanks though!
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