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Therucc's Avatar Therucc 02:20 PM 05-09-2012
So here's my dilemma. I have a beautiful Samsung LED 55in tv.about a year old. Sometimes I just feel like I'm adjusting the volume so much. It's too loud or not loud enough. I know the speakers on these tvs aren't great. I can't get a full on surround sound system because I live in a condo and don't want to blowout the neighbors above me or next to me. So I was thinking of getting a soundbar. I'm not looking to amp the thing up and rattle the walls I'm just looking for something that is going to give me more of a full complete sound. Not having to constantly max the volume out on my TV when there's dialogue in a movie and then turn it way down during music or explosion type scenes. Any thoughts on what I should get? Do u think a soundbar would solve my problem? Thanx

nr5667's Avatar nr5667 02:58 PM 05-09-2012
The new ZVOX units come with a mode specifically to enhance dialogue. I have a 575 unit, 5 speakers and two sub woofers - pretty good sound, and all contained within a single unit, so it definitely appeals to those who want a clean and simple set up.

A sound bar should help if you are feeding it more than a stereo signal, since dialogue is usually coming out of the center speaker primarily, and so the dialogue won't be quite as mixed in and muddied by explosions, music, and the other sound effects.
MrBobb's Avatar MrBobb 05:01 PM 05-09-2012
Originally Posted by Therucc View Post

I can't get a full on surround sound system because I live in a condo and don't want to blowout the neighbors above me or next to me.

Who says you HAVE TO turn up a surround system?

In fact I started into the surround world nearly 20 years ago because I like to listen at low levels BUT only front speakers did not fill the room, so at the time adding rears with a delay processor for stereo programmes helped tremendously.

Your surround processor, AVR whatever will have individual gain control for the sub, rears so by all means turn down that sub if you don't want to annoy the neighbor. U have full control.

Soundbar, well OK, if you don't want to run wires to the other speakers. I would insist on a separate center driver and control for it.
b4z's Avatar b4z 06:41 PM 05-13-2012
If you are using a cable box do you have the volume on the actual box turned all the way up? That solved the problem with what i thought was the crappy speakers on my new sony Lcd tv. I was having to turn the volume almost to max to hear tv programs then a commercial would come on and blow us out. Once I got the cable box volume maxed the tv volume is moreaudible and clear at even low levels.
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