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10-23-2012 | Posts: 59
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walmart has one, thier price is $248. i cannot find the same model anywhere, and i didn't think to get the model number. this unit has subs built into the bar, so its all in one.

i've looked at pictures of other energy soundbars and this one is different than all the pics i've seen. it has a tmw-wmt layout. the woofers are oval. i would have snagged one if the price were about 100 less since i wasn't really looking for one. i might keep my eye out for a sale on it though.
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10-24-2012 | Posts: 2,458
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I would be ware of buying HT equipment of any kind from walmart. The force companies to make special models just for their stores and those models have inferior electronic components in them and they are usually made to last 2 to 5 years. I will never buy anything from Walmart as far as electronics go. I got this info from a TV repair friend of mine.

For instance I know there are Sony TV's at walmart that look the same as ones sold at best buy or hh greg but the model numbers are different but the walmart TV is like $200 cheaper than the other ones and thats cuz of the inferior electronics sony had to put in the TV to sell at that price.
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10-26-2012 | Posts: 11
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Walmart basically goes to all these suppliers and gives them a price they are willing to pay....then the supplier has to build it to that price. HT stuff is not the same, may be the same case with crap parts.
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11-09-2012 | Posts: 4,281
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There are 2 better Energy soundbars that come with a wireless subwoofer. Sold at HHG. But Walmart does sell a very good Yamaha soundbar that has the same specs as the 101 model sold at other retailers. And you can add an external subwoofer for better bass.
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