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Wim Leers's Avatar Wim Leers 02:01 AM 11-17-2012

With a lot of interest, I've been reading this forum, as well as the projector forum. I decided to sign up and ask a few questions because I can't find much helpful information for my specific situation, and on top of that there is barely any soundbar demo I can find around here (Leuven, Belgium).

I currently own a Logitech Z-5500, and have owned that for about 6 years now. Back then I was a high school student and it was the best I could afford (and still fit in my room, too). They have served me well, but now I'd like to upgrade: preferably better sound, but definitely less cables.

I'm currently living in an apartment where it's impossible to embed the speaker wires into the wall like I did at home, hence I'm looking for a soundbar. I'm also sick of the av/lip sync issues (the Z-5500 doesn't have HDMI, so no lip sync), so I'd prefer a HDMI >= 1.3 soundbar, because starting with HDMI 1.3, there's the auto lip-sync feature.

I've been reading many, many great things about the Yamaha YSP-2200, but I can't hear it anywhere in Belgium. In fact, if you go to Yamaha's site for Belgium/Netherlands (there's no site just for Belgium…), you'll find the YSP-2200, but if you go to the dealer locator for Belgium, you'll see that they only provide "instruments, music production tools and professional audio" in Belgium, i.e. no "regular audio & video" (they do in the Netherlands). In other words: no demo set-up to be found.

The only soundbar I've been able to see a demo of, is the significantly inferior (as far as reviews have educated me) Sony HT-CT260, which delivered far worse audio than my six year old Logitech Z-5500.

So that is where I need your help:
  • Is the YSP-2200 better than a Z-5500?
  • Is the YSP-2200 going to work well in my strange room layout (with stairs, table, chairs, kitchen, very high windows (about 3 meters/10 feet) …, and in fact a ceiling that is very high since this is a duplex apartment)?
  • What would you do in my situation?

My current set-up:
Playstation 3 -- HDMI --|
                        | ---- Sony KDL37EX500 -- optical (TOSLINK) -- Logitech Z-5500
Apple TV  ------ HDMI --|

My current room layout plus current and planned set-up:
room layout

Thank you! smile.gif