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codyw's Avatar codyw 10:17 PM 11-23-2012
Hello all, I recently purchased a soundbar (cheapy, nothing special) to add to my LG 47sl80 tv. My tv only has digital audio out, so i have the sound bar connected to my dish tv box (sound bar only has analog input).

What i would like to do is use the same remote to control the volume as well as changing channel etc. Currently I use the Dishtv remote but it only adjusts the TV speaker's volume. How can i use the Dishtv remote to control the volume on the soundbar? I do not want the tv speakers to be on at all because there is a slight difference in timing and there is an echo with both the soundbar and tv speakers.

Possumgirl's Avatar Possumgirl 09:16 AM 11-24-2012
Unless the Dish remote can be programmed to operate external audio, your choice is limited to using the soundbar remote or purchasing a Logitech.
codyw's Avatar codyw 03:02 PM 11-26-2012
ok thanks. I ended up returning the ****** soundbar today, looking for a better one or 2.1 or 5.1
Bert77's Avatar Bert77 03:59 PM 11-27-2012
I have a 47SL80 and just bought a Sony HTCT60 soundbar at Costco for $125 plus tax. It comes with a subwoofer. Not a lot of power but it sounds good in our small space and the price is right. It has analog, coaxial, digital inputs. And to my surprise it came with cables(analog, digital coaxial, digital optical).
I tried searching for reviews but couldn't find any, but the Sony web page says this model, HTCT60/C, was made for Costco.
There is no LCD screen on the unit to see the settings, you have to hit and miss with the remote.
codyw's Avatar codyw 04:58 PM 11-27-2012
how well does the sound match up with the tv? does it have an echo? are you connecting it with the digital cable or the red/white analog cables?

btw how do you like 47sl80? ive had mine for about 3 years and like it a lot for the price
Bert77's Avatar Bert77 06:30 PM 11-27-2012
The sound is great. I have coaxial from Blu-ray (BD570) and optical from TV.
I bought my TV also 3 years ago along with the Blu-ray player, Fry's "special" which I think I overpaid.
They've been good so far, today they might be great (if I can get the Blu-ray player to access my computer).
codyw's Avatar codyw 04:09 PM 11-28-2012
ok cool, yeah i really like my TV too, i paid 699 2 years ago, list price was 1449ish at hhgregg, lonnggggg story but they screwed up and i got it for CHEAP lol

Im going to look into that soundbar you have.
codyw's Avatar codyw 04:09 PM 11-28-2012
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