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11-24-2012 | Posts: 1,845
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Setting up a wireless surround system for my main Audio system and the search for a passive 2 channel soundbar is pretty tough. I just need a single enclosure soundbar that accepts a right and left speaker terminal input, don't need the center channel, do not want it to have an internal amp, don't want a subwoofer minimum of 2 speakers per left and right channel.

I'm going to be using this below to power it I can't run wires I need it to be behind my coach and need a single soundbar like speaker as two speakers behind my coach will cause issues. I'd like to keep it under 200$

JBL WEM-1 50-Watt Wireless Amplifier and Expansion Module

I've already got the Polk FX wireless surround speaker and this would be perfect but the entire product is defective with the wireless transmitter cutting out all the time etc.. So I'm going to go with the JBL transmitter and amp and just use a separate sound bar speaker.

Any help will be appreciated, seems hard to find this type of soundbar as most are powered, come with a subwoofer etc.
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Not hard to find but hard to find for $200. Triad and other companies make these but they are multiples above $200. The Triad one can be custom sized to your TV. Leon speakers I'm sure would make one as well. In you price budget it is probably just easier to get an LCR bar with 3 speakers and not use the center speaker. Like the Dayton bar.
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