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akaysills's Avatar akaysills 10:11 PM 12-27-2012
I am looking for some advice hooking up our 32in Emerson (LC320EM3F) LCD TV to our Vizio VSB207 soundbar. The sound bar comes with an RCA cable but nothing else. As far as I can tell, there is no port for optical or coaxial cables on the soundbar.
We have literally went around and around with this set up; trying different tv settings and input settings on the sound bar. Best buy told us to get an optical cable but there isn't a spot for one, so do we need a converter of some sort?
This isn't the first soundbar we've tried. We bought a cheap ilive on black friday and couldn't get it to work either. We bought an RCA converter for that and had no luck. Are we missing something obvious? Or is there even a possibility that the t.v just isn't compatible (a cheap black friday purchase as well).
Any help is valued!!!

Doctego's Avatar Doctego 06:21 AM 12-28-2012
I am having a hard time finding information on that specific TV model. That said, it appears that you have 2 analog connection options on the soundbar. You should have gotten a 3.5mm to RCA cable included in the box. Does your TV have RCA or 3.5mm audio output? I have a hard time believing that it doesn't have at least 1. Take a look here for a visual on connections:

Look at page 5 specifically.
Possumgirl's Avatar Possumgirl 09:34 AM 12-28-2012
Here's a link to the spec sheet for the TV. The specs list digital audio out (coax). I didn't check specs for the soundbar, but if it indeed only has analog audio in, then you need to get a converter like this one.
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