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01-11-2013 | Posts: 5
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I have recently purchased the following -

LG LM8600 (47")
Panasonic Soundbar SU-HTB550

I've hooked the bar to the TV and used the LG smartlink system, with the connection from bar to TV through HDMI. Everything has beren going fine, however recently, the sound would stop from the bar, yet continue from the subwoofer at the other end of the room, then the sound would resume again from the bar after 10-20 seconds. ore recently, it's been getting worse, with the sound cutting out more frequently and for longer periods. I can hear a very deep, dull noise coming from the speaker (the sound its supposed to be playing, but as if its only playing the bass) when it cuts out.

Any help on this one would be very much appreciated!
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01-11-2013 | Posts: 748
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What sources do you have connected to the TV? If you are using multiple sources, is this issue happening with all of them?

The way I see it, a lot of issues can be in play here. From what you wrote, I think that you have your source(s) connected to the TV via HDMI and then you are utilizing the ARC feature to connect the TV to the soundbar. If so, do you have extra cables (HDMI and optical) to try? HDMI is very moody. Make sure that you are using high-speed HDMI cables. Have you tried moving your sub? I believe that you have a wireless sub so you could be getting some interference from other devices. Are you aware of any firmware updates lately? Unfortunately, we don't always know when they occur. Does the video cut out with the audio?

I apologize for asking more questions than I am answering but there doesn't appear to be any simple answer right now.
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01-11-2013 | Posts: 5
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Hi Doctego, thank you for you response!

Yes, I have three HDMI conenctions:
1) Foxtel to TV
2) Soundbar to TV (via ARC port)
3) Xbox to TV

The video doesn't cut out when the sound does, only the audio (although the deep noise is still apparent, as if it's only playing the bass).

I thought the wireless sub may be playing a role in this too, so I turned it off and the issue was still there.

I've updated the TV's firmware to the latest, but how do I update the soundbars?

I will try another HDMI cable now and see how it goes. Which would provide better quality, optical or HDMI?

Thanks again!
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01-11-2013 | Posts: 748
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Which would provide better quality, optical or HDMI?

It is my understanding that both would provide the same quality. If you find that another HDMI cable gives you the same results, I would try connecting the TV to the soundbar via optical and eliminating the HDMI cable from the TV to the soundbar.
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01-12-2013 | Posts: 5
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So I tried a different HDMI cable, however when I plug it in, my TV doesn't seem to recognise the soundbar via "Simplink" even though I use the cable to connect my xbox properly. It's high speed, so surely it should work. Is there anything I have to do to make it recognise the soundbar and play the audio through it? When I go to swap the cables back round to how they used to be, it picks it up fine, but the audio cut out continues...
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04-08-2013 | Posts: 5
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Wow, I just bought this LG tv and am having the EXACT same issue with the EXACT same sound system. Did you find any resolution to your problem? I would really appreciate any info!!!

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