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mi8matteo's Avatar mi8matteo 04:50 AM 02-06-2013
Hi, i have buy this soundbar allready and the sound is great whit a dolby 5.1 audio direct connection to a aux input with a blu ray or a wd tv live hd.

I have many blu ray disc(expecialy Concert) whit the best track in dts(and many .mkw with audio dts dts)and i try to play whit the Bose but i don't know why the track in dolby digital 5.1 is every time BETTER than the track in dts.

Why is not opposit?? Why the dts track have bad sound "flat" and no too mutch effect surround same the track in dolby???

In the manual of bose sr 1 is write the two logo "dolby digital and dts" but i suppose the codec of bose for the dts audio is so BAD and the codec fo the dolby digital 5.1 is GREAT!!!

Sombody can try the difference and confirm to me the problem??

Thanks, and sorry for my english, i'm italian boy.

mi8matteo's Avatar mi8matteo 07:23 AM 02-12-2013
....maybe i'm the only have buy the Bose 1 sr??
orijin's Avatar orijin 01:45 AM 02-13-2013
You purchased a sound bar I do not honestly think you should expect amazing surround sound from it, but at the same time I never really felt the bose sr-1 had good simulated surround to begin with.
mi8matteo's Avatar mi8matteo 02:47 AM 02-13-2013
You can beleve me, in my bedroom 4,5x3,5m., whit doby 5.1 audio, the bose sr 1 is amazing: the bas is very down and the effect is very near at real 5.1!!! Soma time i stand up fo r hear the effect from the corner of the room and i think the effect come real from the corner!!!!

My problem is whit a DTS(read my post) and now i can say the Bose sr 1 have a BAD codec for the DTS!!!

Yesterdy i went in shop(Saturn) we try another Bose sr1 with my Blu Ray and wd tv live hd and at the and we have the SAME problem!!

And i think some time the Bose sr 1 have some conflict/problem when chouse the BEST audio from the tv or the aux.

Now i must give back the sr1 and buy somthing else!!! think the Yamaha ysp-3300 or 4300 is BETTER of Bose sr 1 and no other problem???

Thanks and sorry for my english.
mi8matteo's Avatar mi8matteo 09:55 AM 02-18-2013
...i start answear the bose support and at the ende, after many connection/settings test, we know this: if you connect a device only direct to "TV INPUT" evrything work good and the sound is great, dts too!!!

....but if you use the "AUX INPUT" togheter with the "TV INPUT" there's some conflict so the dolby some time is delay and the dts dosn't work!!!!

Maybe, if bose support don't give me a result, i must give back the bose sr1 and try the yamaha ysp-3300/4300.
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