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Nightmare's Avatar Nightmare
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02-20-2013 | Posts: 109
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I really wish there was a way to hear these in my home...

I have a living room with a whole side open to the Kitchen. Does anyone here have either of these units in a similar setup?

I have a Yamaha RX-A1000 and my original plan was a full 5.1 or 7.1 install. But that is going to require lots of drilling and crawling in the attic.

The only option I have is to mount the "Side" speakers in the triangular area up by the ceiling, so they would be a good 5-6 feet over the couches.

I figure if a soundbar can get me 80% of the way to a 'real' 5.1 then I can live with the easy option smile.gif


Karan Nayak's Avatar Karan Nayak
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02-20-2013 | Posts: 18
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Since you don't have the left side wall you won't get the left channels setup. The best mode in this case would be the 'My Surround' mode, which basically is the virtual surround sound produced by the soundbar.

In my opinion, unless you were planning on using the ysp in some other room as well, you'd be better off just getting a cheaper 3.1 channel soundbar like maybe the YAS 401 or an equivalent. It costs a lot less for probably the same sound stage that the YSP would have produced. That's my $.02

I have a corner setup, in a rectangular room with the couch 10 ft in front of the tv. I have no issues with the left channel but I don't have sufficient wall on the rhs behind me to give me a good right surround channel. In a corner setup I just have the '3 Beam + 2' mode. Which isn't all that bad.
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02-21-2013 | Posts: 109
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Well, I guess we will find out. I purchased it today through Buy/Rakuten for the $950+tax.

I selected the free shipping, so it might not be here for a full week.

It looks like I might have got the last one, they don't have the cheap price any more...
sandtrapppp's Avatar sandtrapppp
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03-01-2013 | Posts: 30
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Have you received the sound bar yet? I'm in a similar situation and looking for recommendations.
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