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Short story: Was going to get the Bose 1SR, instead talked into getting the Klipsch Icon SB1. Installed it & having second thoughts, doesn't seem to have much umph with music and movies. Using Directv Genie via HDMI. The music I've tested is just dtv's music. Would different sources change the sound that much? Like bluray instead of directv, cd instead of directv music?

Longer version:
I recently decided to do away with my bulky Onkyo 5.1 which is 6 years old.

I was thinking on getting the Bose 1SR but the "sound expert" at Best Buy said "ehh, I wouldn't.....I'd go with the Klipsch Icon SB1 for comparable sound for less then half the price.

After listening to it, & hem hawing I decided to buy it.

After installing it about an hour ago I'm having second thoughts.

It just doesn't have the punch I'm looking for, it seems a bit flat.

I want to use it for both music and tv/movies.

It's in a bedroom about 18x18 foot square, in the back corner. my setup isn't perfect.

I like to feel my music, but it's just not doing it for me. Doesn't sound very impressive. I have the bass maxed out.

Can you guys help me choose. If there's something better I'm all for that too.

I ended up having to hook it up with the rca cable because I wasn't getting any sound from my optical connection. Perhaps my optical out on my tv doesn't work. I've heard some older tvs have this problem.

My Specs:
Tv is 40" LCD Sony KDL-40v2500.
Directv Genie DVR via HDMI
Sony PS3 for games & bluray.

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Do yourself a favor and try going to a Magnolia best buy, a lot of normal best buys push out that BOSE soundbar solely because that's the only $1000+ sound bar they have in that store.

I don't hate bose BUT its annoying whenever I go into a non magnolia store I hear that thing on blast by a best buy employee.

The magnolia best buy will have the martin logan vision, b&w panorama 2 and definitive tech soundbar for you to listen to as well. I had the sb1 but honestly did not like the sound of it and winded up returning it and getting a panorama 1 for around 999 if you can still find one its on clearance right for for 699 I believe.

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B&W Panorama 1
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Sounds like you got the Klipsch. To be honest, if the bass on that isn't doing it for you, most likely the bass with the Bose won't either - or most any sound bar set up.

I have an Energy Power Bar Elite, it has a 10" Subwoofer, it sounds pretty great (in my condo). Energy is owned by Klipsch, and I notice the SB1 also has a 10" subwoofer - I wonder if they are one and the same (they look identical in the photos). Anyway, a 10" woofer in the 100-150 watt range is about as big as it gets with a soundbar set up (typical size is 6").

I might try different sources, or you just might be expecting far more than what sound bars tend to offer. I like my sound bar, but I won't pretend that my old Klipsch F30s didn't sound waaaaaaay better. Not only did four 8" woofers make a lot of bass, but the sound envelops you much, much more with discrete speakers (with larger cones, and which might explain why the audio feels "flat" to you). Soundbars try with 3D modes, but those usually wind up making the audio sound worse while providing a slightly larger sound stage.

I have trouble believing the Bose will keep up, and we don't know what the specs are on the Bose, since Bose doesn't release that information.

Anyway, I think you might be happier with a 2.1 set up where you can buy a 400 watt 12" subwoofer, and discrete speakers with larger cones.


As for the connections, I don't know how much you have connected, but I'd try bypassing the T.V (mine is finicky too, to avoid paying licensing fees Panasonic apparently downgrades all surround outputs to stereo when outputting, so T.Vs can be unreliable with sending out sources). I only have a blu-ray player, and I have the optical from that going straight to the bar.
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I strongly looked at the Klipsch SB1 while trying to decide on my sound bar. But, after several trips by the store to listen and compare, I decided to go with the Harmon Kardan SB16 over the Klipsch. It now serves as the speaker system for all of our tv viewing; when the tv's on, its on. I also use it for music as well; Pandora, mp3 player, and cds, and to me it sounds good. I think both the HK SB16 and the Klipsch SB1 are the same price at Best Buy. You may want to give a listen to the HK unit.
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I have the Klipsch SB-1 and my brother has the Energy Power Bar Elite. Both sound quite incredible for the low price tag of $600. The Klipsch SB-1 is quite better than the Power Bar Elite even though they "appear" identical. The major difference being that the Klipsch has their patented horn-loaded tweeters while the Power Bar Elite does not. Oddly enough, the Energy soundbar is a Magnolia only product while the Klipsch is a regular Best Buy product. The SB-1 is an easy choice over the Bose soundbar, btw.

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