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Hip2bSquare's Avatar Hip2bSquare
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09-01-2013 | Posts: 58
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So the Vizio soundbar blocks the bottom part of my tv.

Is there some kind of furniture i can buy or some way besides mounting anything that i can raise my tv up about an inch or so?
Like something that i can sit the attached tv stand legs from the tv on?
Wheels_32's Avatar Wheels_32
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09-03-2013 | Posts: 77
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Hip2b....glad you posted this. I have the same concern. I really want to add a soundbar to be just a soundbar during normal TV watching and get better audio, and then serve as a center channel when using the receiver. I have the same concern that any soundbar speaker is going to cover the bottom of the TV...I can't find any that are very low profile. I do not mount my TV on the wall, it sits on the supplied legs/base. Not sure what to do!?!?! I hope you get some good ideas in your post!
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