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imagic's Avatar imagic 10:01 PM 01-09-2014

TVs just keep getting bigger, and soundbar designers are keeping up by introducing ever-wider models. GoldenEar did just that with it's Supercinema 3D Array soundbar, introducing a 

I'm sure specs and pricing will be easy enough to find online, instead I want to convey my experience listening to it at the show. In a nutshell, the Supercinema legitimately does what Sandy Gross—the founder and chief designer at GoldenEar—claims. It really did sound like a pair of high-end towers were responsible for the sweet music coming out of it—yes, I auditioned music on a soundbar.


The Supercinema line is already known for it's superior fidelity, but here's the thing—the wider a soundbar is, the further apart the left/right drivers are, resulting in a more expansive soundfield. I can't delve into the details, but suffice to say that the illusion was convincing. The SuperCinema performs like a high-end speaker system—it actually disappears. All that's left is a convincing, expansive soundfield. It is a soundbar that even a music lover can live with—and is better-sounding than quite a few tower speakers that I've heard. I went from skeptic to believer after about 60 seconds of listening.


GoldenEar's supersized Supercinema soundbar for seventy-inch+ TVs


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Daniel Chaves's Avatar Daniel Chaves 11:20 PM 01-10-2014
you know for a bedroom sound bars really are not to bad of an option, or like for an office or work environment, but obviously if you have the room a true surround system will always be a better option.
Done Deal DR's Avatar Done Deal DR 11:41 PM 01-10-2014
I went through this demo as well and walked away fairly convinced in its abilities.... for a sound bar. The most negative thing I could say is that it sounded a tad hollow and bass was lacking in the demo I was in, I'm sure it's probably capable of a bit more but can't say for certain. I will say that the immersiveness and feeling of true "5.1" was there, as you pointed out the width is probably helping here, along with the surrounds. For people with large panels and a dead set wife it would be a decent compromise, or it'd make a killer bedroom/office setup.

Also for those wondering, it was on top of the TV because the suite this was in was split level, so putting it on top allowed the top portion of the suite to get decent sound as well. They stated most installations would be below the screen as normally done with sound bars.
festuc's Avatar festuc 09:04 AM 01-11-2014

Can someone managed to find more information about it?

imagic's Avatar imagic 08:02 AM 01-12-2014
Originally Posted by festuc View Post

Can someone managed to find more information about it?

I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment but lI'll follow up with more details after I get home from Vegas, unless someone beats me to it...

goldenear tech's Avatar goldenear tech 01:53 PM 01-12-2014
Hi, I'm glad that you folks enjoyed the 3D Array XL. I honestly didn't have a chance to listen until right before we shut down, because I was across the hall demo'ing the new Triton One for its world debut. The 3D System did sound very good. I also listened with and without the rear surrounds, and it seemed excellent in both configurations, as the interaural crosstalk cancellation really does a good job. Speaking of which: clearly the XL does an even better job than the smaller 3D Array, recreating a large, wrap-around image. Part of the reason does relate to the wider spacing of the left and right driver arrays, but not for the reason you would think. In a conventional soundbar having the two channels further apart creates a somewhat larger image for conventional reasons, i.e., the channels are wider apart. However, the reason why the imaging of the 3D Array is significantly better than the smaller 3D Array (which is still excellent) is that the wider spacing of the channels improves the geometry and thus allows the interaural crosstalk mechanism to work more effectively. Also, regarding the comment on the base at the show, the level on the subwoofer could certainly have been turned up. All the Best, Sandy
DaDaddy's Avatar DaDaddy 05:58 AM 01-25-2014
I'm looking for info on this but can't find anything yet. When will it be available at dealers? What are the dimensions? All I see is that it's for 70" tv's. Price?
Has there been any comparisons to the exisiting 3D Array Soundbar?

Thanks in advance.
Esteban Medaglia's Avatar Esteban Medaglia 12:54 PM 03-04-2014
Subscribed! Very much looking forward to reading more first-hand experiences with this new soundbar.
tractng's Avatar tractng 11:49 AM 04-03-2014
I read it should be released in spring. Spring is here guys!! 1500 bucks?
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