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Hey everyone -

New to these forums and I'm currently debating a new setup. This is for my bedroom TV which is where I watch 99% of movies/TV. I currently have a 47" LG LED tv that I bought over 3 years ago. It is mounted on a wall and then swiveled towards me. I don't have space for bookshelf or floor standing speakers.

My only options if I want improved sound are:

1. Sound bar bottom mounted under the TV.
2. The Sony XBR 4k TV's with the supposedly "improved" integrated speakers. This would be the cleanest design but I'm not sure how good these speakers are compared to a sound bar.

Does anyone have any feedback on how the XBR's sound vs a sound bar? My budget for the sound bar would be $1500-2000, so I'm thinking the Yamaha 4300, Monitor Audio ASB-2, or Paradigm Soundscape. This would purely be for movies and TV.

Attached is a picture of my current setup so you can get a better idea of what would fit/look decent.

Attached: IMG_0522.JPG (298.7 KB) 
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