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Philips B5 Soundbar

I had a Philips soundbar previously. I like their design. I was curious if they had improved their sound. They have a new soundbar coming onto the market. The only review I have been able to find though is in Dutch. It is from June 17, 2015. The content of which, using Google Translate, is below.

Summary: It's in not good. The review is actually kinda funny.

Philips B5 / 12 Fidelio Soundbar

Fidelio B5 / 12 is a fantastic product, except that the soundbar itself very, very sounds very bad and it is therefore just a bad product. You can buy a sound bar for the noise after all.


Extensive connectivity
Automatic calibration and detachable surround speakers
Design and build quality


The worst sound I've ever heard for 800 euros

Score: 2

Critical Note 1: The speaker cloth

The speaker cloth over the Fidelio B5 looks nice, but I'd like to have something degelijkers seen. I've Fidelio B5 two views in the store before I bought it and in two branches, there were large holes in the fabric of the demo model. The fabric feels subjectively too fragile to me.

Normally this is not a big problem for something that hangs on the wall, but the Fidelio grab off the surround speakers in the soundbar. Get there while not escape to grasp the speaker cloth. The speaker cloth is completely folded around the edge, so if the rear speakers are sometime the bank is likely to tear the fabric.

Furthermore, it is a wonderful beautiful product with a premium look and feel.

Very critical note 2: The sound

The Fidelio B5 consists of three components, the sound bar, subwoofer and surround individual elements. The story below describes the situation that surround individual.
Let's start with the positive subwoofer. He sounds very musical, subtle but has enough power to occasionally turn into a drum set or a beat. In films he is lacking, however. The subwoofer is a model of 30 watts with a few small bass driver and you just never feel in a movie. I think this is a great loss to the experience.

Let's start with the positive soundbar and connected surround elements. He probably just sounds better than a crying baby with a neighbor. More positive I can say about it. I've never, ever heard a bad sound in my life for 800 euros.

I mainly bought the soundbar with the goal bluetooth spotify little speaker for the living room so that I would be rid of the columns. The columns are not bothered me so bad, but the surround speakers get home I just never nicely concealed in my setup. I have not been quite as critical, if the sound was as good as the TV (KD-65X9005) I was very satisfied.

The sound from the soundbar is worse than an SRS BTM8 bluetooth little speaker from Sony which can last 20 hours on four AA batteries. And this is no joke, I've tested them side by side.

Ouch my ears
The soundbar has three positions (DSP) voice, movie and music. A neutral position is not there. That's a bad sign number one.

Voice gives a huge boost to speech by the DSP. All other sound is largely gone. Works as Intended for my feelings, but who uses this is crazy or deaf.
Movie ensures that the DSP is completely loose on the stereo separation and trying to create a spatial effect.
Music is the most neutral position.

Now I describe music, because I bought mainly for the device. I tested the music stand with three songs before I decided to stop the device in the box:

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Millencolin - Home from Home
Scooter - We got the sound

Processing / DSP
To begin with, the sound geprocessed devastated. You hear peaks and troughs in the music and, for example mille colin the DSP has just no idea what to do. The result is that you're listening to a fish that still has the most away from a 32Kbit mp3 from the 90s.

Low / Bass
The layer is completely missing in the soundbar. Everything below 500Hz does not exist and is handled by the subwoofer. I think this is a very big problem because the subwoofer must now do more than just the low bass that you can not determine the position. This makes listening tiring because you're constantly active listening to your subwoofer and it has a different position than the soundbar. Also makes the lack of any bass in the soundbar sure you can never turn off the subwoofer or road.

Indicative of how little layer comes from the soundbar, there are bass and treble controls on the remote. The bass government late has no impact on the sound of the soundbar. Complete zero.

The center also lacks almost completely. Music lacks some form of body. The full sound of an acoustic guitar falls completely apart. A little bit of the guitar is pushed toward subwoofer and a little towards the tweeter by the DSP, but it's like the soundbar the content just does not have to midrange. This even stands out in scooter in my ears to reproduce the easiest music there is. A bit of bass, treble a bit and nothing in between.

High / Treble
The high is present and you hear that the drivers must be able to actually quite good. Unfortunately, the DSP makes the sound devastated. You hear all kinds of artifacts in the high by the DSP, just because the tweeters in the soundbar actually technically quite good.

The soundstage is finally too bad, you have the idea that you are really listening to your soundbar. At the same time you have the feeling that you listen to the subwoofer because everything has to handle in the low / middle layer. The spatial ideal of a speaker, which is that you do not hear the sound from the speaker is completely absent.

Well, let me be brief. I liked the sound so hilariously bad that I pulled the plug out of the sub to make a direct comparison between a bluetooth speaker (SRS BTM8) on penlites sony worth ~ 80 euros and a soundbar worth ~ $ 800. The result is that the sound bar is completely blown away. The Sony has more body, has uberhaupt bass (this really missing entirely on the soundbar), and is neutral in the treble. When you look at the overall sound image sony is much quieter listening, since the highs of the Fidelio B5 restless and sound artificial.


Buy the soundbar only if:

There really bad sound from your TV budget 32-inch
You never ever going to listen to music with it
You do not value bombastic sound effects and angry neighbors during a movie
Otherwise you enter a relationship crisis because your spouse the rear speakers in half cuts due to the fact that the ideal of the VT Wonen is completely unfeasible due to the wired rear speakers.

I Fidelio B5 just put back in the box, it's a travesty. I buy a sound bar because there is a reasonable sound from the bar to come. It does not have to be as good as the KEF Q5 that there were, which is in fact not feasible. But it may well be better than a little speaker bluetooth of 80 euros which I do with pleasure to listen to them for several hours.

Used in combination with:

Sony Bravia KD-65X9005B Black
Apple iPhone 6 64GB Grey

Score: 4

€ 698.90

Score: 4.5

€ 698.95

Media Markt

Score: 3.5

€ 698.95
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Its a user review so thats explains a lot
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At the end of the day a Soundbar is still a Soundbar.
Most of the low-end will more them Always be handled by the subwoofer
cause extreme fatigue to your ears in most listening situations especially after long periods of time.
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