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icerat4's Avatar icerat4 08:25 PM 07-28-2010
So the espn channel had a preview of stuff tonight in illinois..uP AND BELOW 3D ..But no SOUND ..Sure its just a loop but wheres the sound comcast ..All other channels have sound except my 3d espn ..What setting am i missing thanks

rajibo's Avatar rajibo 08:59 PM 07-28-2010
Must be coming from ESPN that way or possibly the Comcast CMC. Same thing is happening here in Philadelphia.
Ray/Rod's Avatar Ray/Rod 10:54 PM 07-28-2010
I'm also from Illinois. Spent about an hour changing audio cables trying to get sound on Comcast/ESPN 3D. No sound. I just received my Pan 65" on Monday, so I wanted to make sure my audio cables were inputed correctly. Thanks for the heads up..
icerat4's Avatar icerat4 08:35 AM 07-29-2010
Well i hope comcast fixes the problem for tonight X GAMES...Other wise ill have to do my best sports commentary ..Lol
icerat4's Avatar icerat4 09:17 AM 07-29-2010
Well i just contacted comcast and espn....Comcast obvious didnt know ****...Espn will send me a email on what they find out .But he said they didnt here of any reports on it ..TIL Just now....So i just hope i have sound tonight..Or the world will end Lol
icerat4's Avatar icerat4 01:09 PM 07-29-2010
Does anyone else have this this just a silent loop.....i dont see why ...they would do that ...i guess will have to wait and see if we get sound when it starts ..what a pisser
icerat4's Avatar icerat4 01:27 PM 07-29-2010
I have a Comcast 3d only hotline number 877-754-4313...i was told to reboot the system i will let ya guys know when i get home what happens ...
rajibo's Avatar rajibo 01:53 PM 07-29-2010
So I called the Comcast CMC and they said that they were receiving it from ESPN that way. Then I contacted ESPN and they said they were sending out audio. So I called back the CMC and told them what ESPN told me.

CMC looked into it further and verified they weren't getting the audio. They also verified that the uplink they pull it in from wasn't getting audio from ESPN either.

After some hairpulling and handwringing they discovered ESPN was doing testing with the channel, but will be done by the X-Games tonight.

So yeah, should be cool by 8....
Ray/Rod's Avatar Ray/Rod 01:59 PM 07-29-2010
Icerat, how do you reboot the system? What kind of cable box you have? I called Comcast on Monday and they said I needed the new black touch screen cable box for 3D. So I drove about 45 mins in traffic to the Comcast center and tell them what I was told. They look at me like I'm a f****** idiot and say they do not have any in stock. I called Comcast again on Tuesday and ask about 3D and they say my box is compatible. I have a grey HDMI DVR.
rajibo's Avatar rajibo 02:10 PM 07-29-2010
If your system is sending the mpeg2 signal you can use your old box, if they are sending the mpeg4 signal you'll need a new one. If you tune to the channel a see a picture, you should be good (Assuming you've been authorized). Everyone here in the East is using the mpeg2 signal. I believe they will switch to mpeg4 when then want to free up bandwidth.
Ray/Rod's Avatar Ray/Rod 03:34 PM 07-29-2010
Raj, How do I check if my box is sending mpeg 2 or mpeg 4. Thanks
rajibo's Avatar rajibo 03:57 PM 07-29-2010
If you have an old box, and 3d is authorized, and you tune to the channel and see a pictur, it's mpeg2. The old boxes can't accept Mpeg4 so you shouldn't see anything in that case.
icerat4's Avatar icerat4 03:59 PM 07-29-2010
My box i have now new is all black..The guy said i needed an upgraded box to get the correct mpeg sound to work..I am uploading a new box right now so stay tuned here will know in 45 mins if that did the reboot you unplug and wait 30 seconds then plug power back into the cable box...

O my new box is touch screen on the front neat...
icerat4's Avatar icerat4 04:07 PM 07-29-2010
The new box i got is a dcx3000 series...touch screen hope this works...
Ray/Rod's Avatar Ray/Rod 07:57 PM 07-29-2010
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