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I thought I had read a while ago that the blu ray was 2:40 1, so I didn't bother looking at the specs on the back of the box, and prepared for an average letterboxed picture...I put it in, and the blu ray title screen was 1:81 1 fullscreen, which is normal, then the actual movie is 2:40. I put my glasses on on started the movie. I got a pleasant surprise that will keep this disc in my player for years to come, along with Avengers, Wrath of the Titans, etc. The movie started, and I realized it was STILL 1:81 biggrin.gif! They did a great job of making the mechs and monsters appear huge! Awesome battle royal type battles! This movie was made for 3D, get it!
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Excellent 3d title for sure!
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I applaud del Toro's attitude about the 3D. While he didn't want to shoot 3D at first, he was kind of forced into it by the studio. But, he pushed back and said "If you're gonna do it, do it right", and he got budget approvals for a longer conversion cycle (40 weeks as opposed to the normal 10), and he had ILM render all of the CGI elements in native 3D. So all of the "important bits" (i.e. the fights) are all 100% native 3D, which helps immensely in making them look good. This is sort of a "hybrid" release, a mix of converted and native 3D. I think that's been done before, but I can't remember what the other titles are. I think it's important to note how the 3D was done for this title, because I've seen people dismiss it sight-unseen as "just another cash-grab crappy conversion", when that's actually very far from the truth.

So yes, I enjoyed this one very much. smile.gif I know the movie has caught some flak from some people for being a silly movie about giant robots, but that appears to be mostly an American sentiment (for some reason)... the film made only around $100M in the States, but over $300M elsewhere, and was considered a success by the studio (there's already talk of a sequel).

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I watched last night on the Oppo feeding the VT50, outstanding.
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I bought the 3D BluRay yesterday and watched the movie twice - once on my 2012 55" LG passive and again on my 2010 63" Samsung plasma. In both instances I found the 3D to be outstanding with a very strong sense of depth throughout and negligible ghosting with both sets. The film itself was very entertaining and held my interest from start to finish.

The composition of the shots really enhances the 3D effects. Closeups display a distinct separation of foreground characters and backgrounds. Crowd scenes show nice layering effects with very good separation of characters from front to back. Establishing shots of cityscapes, various structures under construction and views of the Jaegers all feel massive with a strong sense of height and scale. The 3D effect only suffers mildly at times when the action starts to gets chaotic but for nearly all of its running time, you never forget that this is a 3D movie. The scenes of Tokyo in the rain are especially striking and really made me pine for a high end post-conversion of BladeRunner. Brightness was not an issue at all on either TV as I was always able to clearly make out what was going on.

In terms of the film itself, its a robot vs. monsters beat-em-up with some interesting character beats, not War and Peace. As long as you know that this one is strictly for fun then you should have a good time. The tone reminded me a little bit of the recent Mummy movies in that there was a lot of humor interspersed among all the serious goings on though the balance of humor to action to drama was far better here. The movie never took itself too seriously and there was a fun sensibility to it that made it very watchable. Lots of interesting characters as well; the leads were all solid and the secondary characters were a lot of fun, especially Ron Perlman (a Del Toro staple) and Charlie Day.

There is nothing subtle about this film. Everything is big and bright and slick and over the top and that extends to the 3D presentation as well. I loathe films with "subtle" 3D or that want you forget that you are watching a 3D movie. Pacific Rim never lets you forget its 3D, rolling out one impressive vista after another. One of the best post-conversions yet made in my opinion as it easily trounces most native 3D titles.
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I was very surprised with this movie's 3D. Each composition is packed with depth and there are plenty of foreground elements and interesting sci-fi gadgets floating all over. The cinematography is great- the camera is rarely if ever static- the Steadicam operator is constantly but slowly shifting side to side for a 3D-enhancing motion parallax effect, and the use of wider angle lenses (than most films) gives the 3D a lot of room to breathe.

On the down-side, some of the layers are a little cardboardy. But you almost don't notice it, because there is so much to appreciate.

The other thing I didn't like (and this will differ from person to person and film to film), is that all of the shots of the monsters and mechs and other large-scale things, had what Del Toro claimed wouldn't exist- hyperstereo/miniaturization. In the real world your depth perception weakens as you get further away from things. In this movie, the depth stays pretty much the same with large-scale objects as it is with small scale close-proximity scenes. That boat that gets caught in the middle of the mech/monster fight at the beginning looked like a toy according to the stereoscopy, although other visual cues like the speed it was moving suggested that it was indeed a full size boat.

It's not a huge complaint, but if you're into realism, then these scenes do detract from the sense of immersion. I'm just mainly disappointed for Del Toro, because he was adamantly against this kind of imbalance in the depth at the time of the conversion announcement.
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