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brianhusk's Avatar brianhusk 06:12 AM 12-18-2011
Anyone have an opinion on the picture quality/reliability of the Toshiba 55G310U? LCD/1080P/2D/120Hz. It's $800 at Best Buy.

Anything better that's under $1000?


G_Money_FL's Avatar G_Money_FL 09:03 AM 12-19-2011
I just picked up one of these from BB last week. It is setup in a sports bar environment, I only got to play around with it under normal viewing conditions for a day or two, but I don't think you will find a better 55" for under $900.
kwaidonjin's Avatar kwaidonjin 06:47 PM 01-02-2012
Now it is $749.
SM610's Avatar SM610 11:56 AM 01-14-2012
I would like to buy one, but some negative comments I've read about Toshiba problems and customer service has me afraid of them. Any brand have a good reputation for reliability and service? I've got to buy something.
rwtom's Avatar rwtom 09:59 PM 01-14-2012
looks like bb has it for 999 now. but amazon has it for 799.
podboy3's Avatar podboy3 03:04 PM 01-26-2012
I am interested in one of these as well. I am looking for something for our den where the farthest viewing distance would be 14 feet, and it will be used for everyday for Xbox/Wii, Cable/Sat, Roku (we use Netflix the most), and DVD/Blu-Ray use......Not our dedicated media viewing room.
johnnysmp's Avatar johnnysmp 10:03 AM 01-27-2012
This is a great tv for gaming. I have not watched any blue ray movies on it yet, but picture quality of my local HD channels is awesome. The none HD channels look like deuce, but what can you expect. For those that hate that Smooth motion crap, it appears that it can be manipulated in the settings to not be at all noticable. I have only had for Two days now, but the future is looking bright. For whats it's worth, I have had 3 other HD tv's in the past and this one is hands down the sharpest looking one for video games. Have only played BF3 and Left 4 dead 2 on it so far. Also, game mode is an option and makes lag input not really an issue.
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