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jacksonmaha's Avatar jacksonmaha 05:12 PM 06-07-2012
I need help....I'm tasked with helping my father in law find a new television to replace his Sony 70" SXRD, which has a stunning picture when it works.

I am a plasma fan and know which way to point him in that arena, but they have a decent amount of natural light coming in from windows and I'm worried about reflections (even though it seems the trend in LCD/LED is glossy screens too) driving him nuts.

Anyone have suggestions on a good 55" LCD / LED set that doesn't have a ton of know issues? If it is a GREAT deal he would spend more but nothing over 2K.

I know there has to be some options out there but it seems every time I find what appears to be a good deal I read reviews or come hear and people are giving the television a verbal lashing.

Any help would be AWESOME!!!! Thank you in advance.

BoilerJim's Avatar BoilerJim 04:50 PM 07-01-2012
I have a 40" Sony EX640 that I am very pleased with and the 55" version is usually available in your stated price range. Also, my son has a 55" Samsung UN55ES6100 that he likes very much as well. In fact, he bought that model in 40" and 55" versions for his bedroom and living room. A third choice would be the LG 55LS5700.

The Sony, Samsung or LG all deserve a look and from then on, it's your money and your choice. Have fun shopping.

Note: You will not find a perfect TV, especially in the price range in which you are looking. And, because this is an enthusiasts' forum, people tend to be much more picky. I have friends who have purchased TVs that I would never have considered and they are very satisfied with them. The three models I mentioned above should be more than satisfactory for most people (and I consider myself pretty picky about most things also).
Joxer's Avatar Joxer 07:02 PM 07-01-2012
I see the excellent Samsung UN55ES7100 is on sale at many stores this week for July 4th for just under the $2000 mark.
That 55" model has 240HZ, LED 3D 1080p HDTV with dual-core Smart TV internet apps and micro-dimming.
For under $1600 there is the Samsung UN55ES6500 LED 3D 1080p HDTV with SmartTV internet apps, but no dual-core or micro-dimming.
For under $1500 the Samsung UN55ES6100 has no 3D feature.
jilla60's Avatar jilla60 05:20 AM 07-02-2012
Frys has the Toshibha 55L6200 (passive 3D) or LG 55LM6700 for $1000 only at the store. If you have one nearby both are good deals biggrin.gif
Good Luck!
esj's Avatar esj 01:39 PM 07-02-2012
look at the pansasonic TC-L55ET5 its 1400 at amazon as of today,going to buy this myself soon,i`ve compared it to the samung & Lg models and this gets my vote,and from repair folks they say less pana models come in for repair but in general its the draw of the cards when these televisions fizz out
TerrenceQ's Avatar TerrenceQ 10:39 AM 07-07-2012
find out more on un55es6100 and kdl55ex640. both equally as good, you won't go wrong with either
Justmtnb44's Avatar Justmtnb44 08:04 AM 07-10-2012
I'm also currently shopping for a TV in this same price range. I moved into a new place and no longer have a TV. My only point of reference is my previous roommate had a 5 year old Sharp 37" LCD. It worked fine but I was never totally happy with the PQ and black levels, although never actually ran an official calibration.

I would like to get an LED LCD, something in the 55" range. It looks like edge lit, no local dimming is the only option in this price range, but I'm ok with that. What I don't want is uneven backlighting as that is more noticeable than all out deep black levels. I really thought about Plasma too but decided I don't want to deal with a high maintenance TV. I don't need 3D or even Smart TV functions as I will have a computer connected to the TV to act as an HTPC. However, it seems like better quality units also tend to come with those features. I will also get a Bluray player, and while I won't watch BD discs too often I would like the TV to have proper 24p playback.

Right now I am looking at the Sony 55EX640 as I can't find too much bad about it. I like that Sony has only a few TV models instead of a dozen different series to pick from. I think I am ruling out Samsung and LG at this point due to super glossy screens, reliability issues, and reviews about uneven screen performance. I am also considering Sharp 640 series even though reviews aren't perfect, they are reasonably priced. The Panasonic ET5 is also an option too even though it has 3D.

Anyone have any more input on this? Thanks in advance.
Justmtnb44's Avatar Justmtnb44 09:49 PM 07-10-2012
Well I didn't want to think about this any more and I ended up buying the Sharp 52" 640 series today at Best Buy. Just setting it up now, will report back once I get it dialed in.
Ben Beers's Avatar Ben Beers 12:55 PM 07-19-2012
un55es6100 samsung LED/ or tcp55st50 panasonic plasma. Both amazing tvs
do some research!
Local Dealers will give you the best pricing. stick with local!
Ben Beers's Avatar Ben Beers 12:56 PM 07-19-2012
nothing high maintenance about panasonic plasma. Those tvs are the best on the market. tcp55gt50/ or the st50
Plasma is KING
darkhawkkg's Avatar darkhawkkg 01:56 PM 07-19-2012
I see the un55es6100 samsung LED and the 6150 for within $50 of price. Does anyone recommend one over the other?
RockmanX's Avatar RockmanX 07:07 AM 07-20-2012
just saying yesi know its last years model but lglw6500 was a beast tv you can get them for like 1k or even less in 55 inch and you get all features 3d 240hz smart tv magic mode etc. nice led/lcd i dont know the model number that replaced it in 2012 but just saying. My friend has one and its nice
rmf's Avatar rmf 07:16 AM 07-21-2012
I bought Samsung LN52A650 a little over three years ago, and it just developed a blue line down the middle of the screen. Out of warranty, but if you search, it's a common problem. They won't admit that it's a known defect, and won't fix it. I'd stay away from Samsung.
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