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Trouthead's Avatar Trouthead 09:58 AM 10-11-2013
Anyone found a deal on this that I could use for a price match on Amazon. No B&Ms within 150 miles of me (BB) and I thought Amazon might be easier to deal with if there are problems within first 30 days.

myoda's Avatar myoda 08:10 AM 10-12-2013

$2495 from East Coast. I would rather spend the extra $ and purchase from amazon. They have a better return policy than East Coast.

Damaged HDTVs and Major Appliances must be refused at the time of delivery. Once the delivery is refused, replacement equipment will be shipped immediately at no cost to the customer. Non-damaged HDTVs and Appliances may be returned within five business days for a credit less 10% restocking and two-way shipping.

everything else:

Your item may be returned within 5 business days of the delivery date. You may request an exchange or a refund. Round-trip shipping charges will not be refunded. If you would like to make a return, please call (866) 496-5784 for a Return Merchandise Authorization Number.

Amazon does have a price match guarantee - with a long list of stores that they will price match within 14 days:
Trouthead's Avatar Trouthead 10:38 PM 10-12-2013
I looked at most of Amazon's price match outlets and could find none with a lower price than Amazon. Hoping someone will post if they stumble upon a lower price from one of the price match outfits in the next 14 days.
Trouthead's Avatar Trouthead 12:21 PM 10-21-2013
Ended up going with Amazon. They had a special promo where an extra 29inch Samsung was included, and they also have a 2% credit kickback/bonus along with a great return policy. Took only about 4 days for delivery. Supposed to have enhanced delivery, where they unbox it and put the stand on it. In my neck of the woods the driver looked at me and said "yeah right" when I mentioned unboxing and putting on the stand.

Talked with Amazon and they issuec a $100.00 credit for failure to unbox and set up. I was happy. The TV works perfect so far, and there was no tax charged for my state.

There is a reason Amazon does a big business. custom service so far was perfect.
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