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06-14-2012 | Posts: 3
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You should not under any circumstances go out and buy /or order online a ZALMAN HD503. Basically you would have better value for your money by burning it and selling the ash.

This product is the biggest crock of **** and world of pain I have ever had the misfortune of using (try to) and buying in forty years of IT usage and trouble shooting.

The included software iMon and iMedian are old a way out of date.
The cursor control is a joke as left/right have an up/down component as with up/down has a left/right component so positioning the cursor is like walking a tightrope that has be greased.
The integration of the above packages is somewhere between crap and dam awful.
You upgrade iMadian to the latest version and it plays DVD’s jerky, ok you waste an hour trying to sort it and find it is no longer support and has been replaced by some crap called “HD Frame”.
This is incomprehensible and does not seem to be integrated in any way with iMon so the remote is as much use as a chocolate frying pan.

I have bought many Zalman products in the past and generally found them to do what they say on the box.
But this is HD503 is a poorly nailed solution that is little more than an embarrassment to both Zalman and SoundGraph.

So I am returning this none functional COS&WOP in the morning…

Save your money save your time and just get and ordinary desktop case and a Lenovo Mini HTPC PC Wireless Multimedia Keyboard Mouse Black-light N5902A.

Better value for money, better solution and no pain.

Very poor show Zalman and SoundGraph very poor show.
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08-11-2012 | Posts: 1
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I think that's a bit harsh to slam the hardware for your software issues, I've found it fine....

I've found that it looks sleek, LCD panel works fine and the remote is fine to use cursor wise or with the toggle to key board (think you might just have a heavy hand).

You might want to look into HTPC software if you've not binned it already. XBMC or Media portal work perfectly wink.gif and the size of the case means your choice of components are not limited.

I'd say its only downside is that it doesn't ship with any filters to keep the inside clean, and the eject button for DVD's not lining up and the flap doesn't come down when its ejected by software eject button :P
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