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StardogChampion's Avatar StardogChampion 09:49 AM 11-26-2012
$25 Amazon Gift Card with purchase of i3-3225 CPU $136.99 - $25 (for future purchase) = $111.99

Limit 1.

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 10:14 AM 11-26-2012

The reason I am in a rush is Cyber Monday deals. I need to buy today.

Here's what I am seeing:

$79 i3 2105 CPU for $79 (Might make a nice HTPC CPU. Only $80 and the 3570K gets transplanted to my server)

Intel Core i5-2310 @$159


e Intel Core i7-3770Kd @$249


G860 (Almost an i3 right ???) for only $57

jekbrown's Avatar jekbrown 11:12 PM 12-02-2012
looks like this deal is still going....any one have any idea how much longer this will be available?
wiley165's Avatar wiley165 01:10 PM 12-04-2012
"Offer good from November 25, 2012, until December 8, 2012, or while supplies last."
jekbrown's Avatar jekbrown 11:30 PM 12-05-2012
just checked the amazon page...looks like they dropped the price $2 more. $134.99 + the $25 GC. smile.gif
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