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Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 11:21 AM 09-05-2013

I have plenty of refurbished products and have never had a problem with them. Not to say that it wouldn't be a problem but just sayin..

BTW, IMHO, a lot of "refurbished" products are sold just to clear stock or to cut the warranty cost. For example I got a looks to be brand new Dyson vacuum without the glossy box and with an 18 month instead of 5 year warranty for 40% off just retail recently.

BllDo's Avatar BllDo 12:41 PM 09-05-2013
Sold out. mad.gif
davidtt485's Avatar davidtt485 12:46 PM 09-05-2013
Son of A...
rc05's Avatar rc05 07:25 PM 09-05-2013
Back in stock, buy it quick! eek.gif
Ruiner's Avatar Ruiner 06:00 AM 09-06-2013
sold out again
StardogChampion's Avatar StardogChampion 03:34 PM 09-06-2013
I didn't get one of these but I did get a refurb Ooma Telo. Nice!
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