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chiliman's Avatar chiliman 08:57 PM 06-11-2012
I'm parting way with my KEF Reference III's.

Without exception, these are the best choice I ever made in my HT system, having upgraded and replaced everything in the system 3x over before buying a new speaker set up.

Operationally 100%. Wonderful speakers. They do show the wear of 16 year old speakers and 3 moves. Scratches and such. One small hole in one grill, see pic. Non-smoking household.

I have a lot of interior shots I can email to interested persons, showing top condition. Also a number of different angles.

Do not have original boxes. I will meet a buyer half way, up to 75 miles from DC/Northern Va. -or- further with gas reimbursement. I have not researched boxing & shipping but will do so for a serious buyer. It wouldn't be cheap and will not be looking to subsidize that cost through a lower price.

See other ads for Reference I's, 2QDS,and iQ3's.

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