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jmpage2's Avatar jmpage2 09:41 AM 10-23-2012
I have an SVS SB12-plus that is in excellent condition. I still have the original box. I believe it weighs around 45 or so lbs so be aware that shipping it might not be cheap. If you are in Colorado then local pickup would be preferred.

Great subwoofer especially for a small to medium sized room... very accurate.

Please make sure that you reply to this thread if you are interested as that is the only way I will be notified of your interest.

fuzz092888's Avatar fuzz092888 09:52 PM 10-28-2012
I sent you a PM, but forgot to replay to the thread. I was just inquiring as to what your bottom dollar would be and what you estimate shipping to be to 12477. Thanks.
jmpage2's Avatar jmpage2 09:26 PM 10-29-2012
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